Sexy Sunday Series #9 | Bourjois Rouge Edition VELVET

Assalamualaikum and hello my love. Another Sunday, another Sexy Sunday Series! Today I am going to share with all of you Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick! I was invited to a small introduction of the latest lipstick with my other lovely blogger friends in their outlet in Sunway Pyramid. To be honest, I only had one Bourjois product which is the crayon lipstick but that did not go well to my liking. But of course as always, I am super pumped to try out any lip products and this Velvet formula from Bourjois really caught my eyes because I've heard people talking about it. 

The Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick is a highly pigmented liquid lipstick with a matte finish. It is a light-weight melting texture and gives you a velvety matte finish that feels comfortable on your lips as if you are not wearing anything on your lips. Even though these Velvet lipstick is a matte finish, don't worry it is not going to dry up your lips. There are 8 beautiful shades that's available now, they are : 

01 Personne Ne Rouge (Ultra intense red)
02 Frambourjoise (Red berry with pink tone)
03 Hot Pepper (Orangey red)
04 Peach Club (Pale orange)
05 Ole Flamingo (Deep pink with raspberry undertone)
06 Pink Pong (Fuchsia)
07 Nude-Ist (Rosewood nude)
08 Grand Cru (Dark burgundy)



Watsons and Bourjois Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid

06 Pink Pong. Such a pretty shade.
06 Pink Pong. I love it!

08 Grand Cru

I got to bring home 3 shades to try out, so please continue reading if you want to know how I feel about this lipstick!

The applicator is a doe-foot type which makes it easy to apply on the lips. 

The 3 shades that I got :

07 Nude-ist is a mauve-y, rosy nude that is perfect for those who loves nude lipstick. My lips but better (MLBB). I love it that it has this warm rosy tone to it and it certainly compliment my complexion.

05 Ole Flamingo is a deep pink with raspberry undertone to it. I would consider this shade as my pink berry lips. It's for those who likes a bit of both world (pink and berry) and not sure which one to get. This colour is bright and will definitely amped up your entire look!

03 Hot Pepper is a red lipstick with orange undertone. Personally I would go for red with brown or berry undertone. I don't think I look good in orange-y toned lipstick.  But I guess this shade is pretty ok, what do you think?



The first thing that makes me love this product is how light it feels on my lips. To be honest, I really feel like I'm not wearing anything on my lips. It's comfortable and not sticky at all. It sets well on the lips within 5 minutes and you will get a beautiful velvety matte finish. It has this scent which I'm not sure what it is but I kinda like it. It's a different kind of scent, a scent that I never experienced with other brands. The colours are highly pigmented except for one shade (among the 8 shades). I'm not sure which shade it was but there was one shade that is less pigmented. Other 7 colours are simply stunning. With one or 2 swipes, we can get a beautiful pigmented colour on our lips but hey I would definitely go in with 3 or 4 layers to get my desired pigmentation. Oh ya I don't need to apply  lip liners if I'm using this. Yes! The lasting power is amazing. Today, I applied the lipstick at 12.30 pm. I drank a glass of water around 3pm and it only left a tiny stain on my glass. Then at 5pm I had Nasi Ayam Penyet and Teh Sosro. I went to the washroom to check on my lipstick and yes, the colour is still there. Yes a lipstick stain that is pigmented, I must say.  It is quite surprising since Ayam Penyet is quite greasy as it is fried. So I didn't have to touch up my lips. Even though the lipstick is a matte finish, I do not experience any dryness on my lips. Now, I have two things that I need to let you girls know. Firstly, you really have to scrub or apply lip balm before applying this lipstick to get a smooth lips. This is because if you have dry lips, this lipstick will enhance your cracked lips and it will settle into the lines. Secondly, the lipsticks tend to bleed a little (darker colours) so just make sure to check your lips from time to time. But as an overall review, I love Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet because I am obsessed with matte lips and the colours are simply stunning. The selling point for me is the light-weight feel on my lips which I have not yet experienced with other brands before. ^_^

Thank you for reading girls, so are you going to try these lipsticks out? :)


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  1. you're definitely the sexy siren with Hot Pepper on, hehe! I cant wait to try these babies, hopefully I can find a shade that'll do my complexion good. Cant take a red colour anymore, I have too much reds already XD

    1. awww really? i still prefer red with brown undertone for my complexion. hehe yeah u have too much of red, try something else ok. :P

  2. I definitely in love with these babies! I got myself Nude-ist few weeks ago and loving it! Next colour on my wishlist: Peach Club and Hot Pepper!

    xx, Mira |

    1. yup, i love them too, go and get more colours ok. :)



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