Beat The Gush with Kotex!

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! We are going to do our 'girly talk' today! Yeah, if we are talking about Kotex, we are definitely going to talk about that time of the month! That several days in a month that makes us uncomfortable, makes us feel like our movement is limited than the usual days and that several days when our mood swings, well lets just say we are not in our best mood. :P *sorry guys*. I don't have crazy stories about my periods but I will always remember the first day when I got my period. I was 13 that time. I believe it was during a weekend because I remember waking up late. I went straight to the bathroom, wanted to brush my teeth and do all that jazz. And suddenly when I wanted to take my shower, I was shocked, panicked and almost cried. when I saw 'it', a big red dot. Like, what the hell is wrong with me??? But then, I calm myself down and I remembered. It must be the period. Wow, I hit my puberty at 13. *haha* :P Anyway I know girls will get it, it's just a matter of time because every individual is different. But you know, life goes on and having that special days in a month really define us as women. 

When I attended Kotex new and improved Kotex Soft & Smooth and also the 'Beat The Gush' Campaign, I was happy to be surrounded with all ladies and just talk about that time of the month.   One of the topic we discussed was about that sudden gush we experience during those days. Sometimes when you are in the middle of something important, that sudden gush you feel during your period days is so distracting and makes you lose focus. The good thing about the new and improved Kotex Soft & Smooth is that it comes with 3 wonderful features :

Rapid Absorb Core
Help to absorb sudden gushes immediately and directly at the source for exceptional protection.

Micro-Dri Cover
More than 3000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption.

Infinity Lock System (with side barriers and deep channels)
Prevent all round protection against leaks.

Gorgeous Diana Danielle!
My darling Suzai, Anis Atria and Wiida
hehehehehe :P

My beautiful blogger friends (L-R) :
Kelly, Anis Athia, Asyik, Sherry, Fana, Wiida, Yours Truly, Suzai and Elana.

Don't forget to check out Kotex Facebook Page or Kotex official website  for news and updates on how to 'Beat The Gush' and you can also check out the latest 'Beat The Gush' videos. ^_^

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  1. woahh , so happening sabby ! I was invited to this kotex event too , but I cannot attend it as I live far from KL.



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