sencé Eau de Toilette (EDT) fragrances and Perfumed Deo Spray

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Anyone here loves Korean style and trend? Well personally I don't really know much about Korean style but I do know that Korean trends are bold, sexy, colourful and daring! It's not just about the fashion or makeup, the entertainment business are roaring now and the youngsters are so crazy about it! The Hallyu or also known as the Korean wave, is the biggest lifestyle trending in the world right now. Keeping up with the Hallyu trend, sencé  came up with four new sencé Eau de Toilette (EDT) fragrances and four sencé Perfumed Deo Spray. Each of the variants suits different personality and I'm pretty sure that you will find the one suits you the best. 

Lets check out the four fragrances variants!

The EDT comes in glass bottle of 50ml. All of the variants are differentiate by colours, such as Sweetie Pop is pink, Lovely Pop is aqua/turquoise, Pretty Pop is purple and Sunny Pop is yellow. I love it when variants fragrances have their own signature colour. So cute! The glass bottle is quite nice for travelling as it is not too heavy and big.

Sweetie Pop EDT

Sweetie Pop EDT is dedicated especially to those who are young, fun and bubbly! It is sweet and has this candy scent to it. I kinda sense a hint o vanilla in it too. It somehow reminds me of the Bubble Gum candy that I had when I was small.  As quoted, "Sweetie Pop EDT has a sweet opening with sparkling fruity aromas of mandarin and grapefruit. Its scent leads to a heart of charming rose with a soft vanilla-musk base".

Pretty Pop EDT

I can't really described Pretty Pop EDT because it smells kinda floral but has fruity undertone to it. It is also a bit musky and has clean scent to it. Well, as quoted, "Pretty Pop EDT  has an angelic floral, fruity scent with sparkling green top note, combined with woody and ambery base."

Lovely Pop EDT

For me Lovely Pop is more sophisticated and suitable for those 'formal' times such as for a meeting, dinner and other formal occasions. It has this sweet floral and fruity scent with citrus notes. As quoted, "Lovely Pop EDT is fairy-tale floral, fruity scent and opening with a fresh citrus note, mingled with a sweet musky and woody base. "

Sunny Pop EDT

Sunny Pop is definitely smells fresh and I can sense it has tropical fruit scents which reminds me of my favourite Sunquick drink, the Tropical variant! It smells exactly like that. After a while I noticed there's a floral undertone to it.  I bet this would be great for the girls on the go to keep them fresh all day long! As quoted , "Sunny Pop EDT has a cheeky cocktail of tropical fruit fragrance that will reveal a surprisingly delicate floral heart and touches of woody and ambery notes. It is the perfect summertime scent."



Available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and Watsons pharmacies nationwide


sencé Perfumed Deo Spray

Now who doesn't like smelling good all day long? sencé Perfumed Deo Spray is now available to keep you fresh 24/7. It is formulated with pure spring water for long-lasting moisture and provides 24 hours odour protection. It is promised that the fragrance is long-lasting and it will keep you smelling good all the time. One fact about the deodorant that it is triclosan-free. It comes in 4 variants, same as the sencé Eau de Toilette (EDT) fragrances.

The packaging is super cute with polka dots and they are all so colourful! I love it!

Sweetie Pop Perfumed Deo Spray has a sweet opening of fruity aromas with a floral and vanilla base. Perfect for that date night with your loved ones.

Pretty Pop Perfumed Deo Spray has an angelic floral, fruity scent combined with woody and ambery base.  A great choice for a night out with the girls.

If you love floral and fruity with sweet musky and woody base, then Lovely Pop Perfumed Deo Spray is the one for you. Suitable for the sophisticated lady.

Sunny Pop Perfumed Deo Spray is definitely a summertime scent due to its fruity and floral  heart fragrance with woody and ambery notes.



Available at leading hypermarket and supermarkets nationwide 

Now, since the EDT and Perfumed Deo Spray is created based on Hallyu, I decided to create 4 make up looks (based on the 4 variants) that is somewhat inspired by the Korean make up. In all of these looks, I tried to make my eyebrow a bit straight, not too arch-y like I used to do all the time. My eyebrow is a bit more bolder than the usual. Well this is my take on Korean make up look with my own twist. I hope you guys like it! ^_^

For Sweetie Pop, I want my make up to look fresh and sweet.  I add on pink glitter eyeliner on top of my black eyeliner for a more pop of colour. I noticed that K-Pop girl band loves to used glitters on their eyes so I thought why not try it out. I'm keeping it sweet with a pink lipstick.

As for my Pretty Pop look, I decided to be bold and wear darker lips. I pair it with purple eye shadow and created a cat-eyed wing look. Korean make up is all about the eyeliner. Yes to make the eyes look bigger.

Lovely Pop look is about the gradient lips. I used a lip tint to create the famous Korean gradient lips. I put on a little bit of emerald green eyeshadow at the centre of my eyelids for a pop of colour. I kinda like this look to be honest.

And then there's Sunny Pop look. I decided to put on bright orange/ coral lipstick because I noticed that Koreans love their orange lips. I keep the eye pretty simple with a gold eyeshadow and a black liquid eyeliner. I am not really a big fan of orange lipstick because I don't think I look good in it.

What do you guys think? Which one is your favourite? I chose Pretty Pop and Lovely Pop! :D

sencé  is organizing a contest where 12 readers can win :

~ A set of one of the new sencé Korean-inspired EDT and Perfumed Deo Spray each
 ~Other sencé  products worth RM150
*Total value of prizes worth more than RM5,000*

3rd November 2014 – 23rd November 2014

All you need to do is :

1.     Plan out your OOTD inspired by KPOP and  sencé EDT (either through EDT variant name or colour)

For example, my Pretty Pop look is inspired by Hyuna. I think she looks super hot and sexy rocking this bold red lips. And look at her outfit, it is so edgy and stylish! You can be creative and use you favourite Kpop star as inspiration to connect to the sencé EDT theme.

2. Like sencé Facebook Page (
3. Upload a photo onto your Personal Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with hashtag #sencepop or write a blogpost. 

4. Make sure your profile/photo is at 'Public' setting

So, which one tickles your fancy?  I personally like Lovely Pop because it has sophisticated scent to it. The price point is so affordable and I think you can absolutely purchase all  of the variants if you want to! :D Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page for more info on the contest! ^_^

For more information sencé, please visit :

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  1. It's been a long loooong time since I last used a deodorant spray, but I might just pick up one (or two) of these coz they're so affordable (after testing out the scents, of course). :D Lovely review, Sabby!

    1. yeahhhh i haven't used deo spray for so long too! :D Thanks for dropping by laura! :)

  2. Omg the packaging for the deodorant spray is so cute! :)



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