Zespri 14 Day Challenge : Day # 6 & # 7 - Health benefits and Kiwi Soda Popsicle

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! Have you taken your daily dose of kiwifruit today? I've talked about the digestive benefits of kiwi for our body, now lets talk a little bit more why I love kiwifruit. As you see in the image above, kiwifruit is packed with nutrients and it is very beneficial to our body.

The amazing healthy facts of kiwifruit :

1. Rich in Vitamin C
2. Natural source of fibre
3. Low fat natural source of Vitamin E
4. High in anti-oxidant
5. Aids in digestive health
6. Source of potassium
7. Source of folate
8. Low in calories
9. Low in Glycemic Index (GI)
10. HighVitamin C levels aids iron absorption

Now it's time for a quick and easy recipe, I introduce to you my Kiwi Soda Popsicle! ^_^


Seriously all you need is Zespri Green Kiwi (sliced 'em up) and a can of Ice Cream Soda. :) That is all! Get your popsicle container,  put in 2 or 3 slices of Zespri Green Kiwi and pour in Ice Cream Soda to the top. Insert the popsicle stick and keep it in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Enjoy it whenever you want! It is so cooling and refreshing especially during these hot days! The Zespri Green Kiwi slices adds extra flavour and texture into the popsicle, yummyy!  You can basically change the Ice Cream Soda to any flavour of drinks you like. Well this is not the healthiest thing ever, but you gotta treat yourself once in a while, am I right? :D But still, if you want a healthier alternative, you can use any freshly squeeze fruit juice that you like. I would go for mango or watermelon, definitely! :D You know I like my recipe to be adjustable to your preference right? ;)

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  1. im ur silent reader. but the icecream soo tempting! tak sabar nak tunggu resepi nak buat jugak!

    1. thanks so much for dropping by dear! dlm post ni dah ade recipe, dua bahan je! :D

  2. pernah letak kiwi dlm lemon juice lepas tu freeze kan. Ya Allah sedappp! natural sweetness dari kiwi tu sendiri! xletak gula pn!

    1. tula i ade nampak kt pinterest kot! i can imagine sedap gileeee

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