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If you follow me on Snapchat, you must have come across my snippets on THEFACESHOP Beauty Workout weeks ago It was indeed so so so much fun! I love the Zumba session and the fact that I can burnt of my 'lemak manja' or better known as my post pregnancy weight. I have not had any proper workout since I gave birth to Marissa, trust me this zumba workout is a killer! :D Before we get into the Beauty Workout day, lets get to know a little bit about THEFACESHOP White Seed range which is the reason why we were there.

THEFACESHOP White Seed skincare range is brightening skincare range which comprises the main ingredient, White Seed Complex for a great whitening effect and radiant. The two ingredients included in the White Seed Complex are the White Lupine Seed and White Daisy where White Lupine Seed acts as a brightening properties while White Daisy acts as melanin inhibitor. There are 7 products in this range but the star products are the toner, lotion and serum.

I will talk more about the range in my next blog post, more in-depth details, so keep a look out on that. But first, lets take a look at some of the photos during THEFACESHOP Beauty Workout! :D

*LOL* Can you see how excited I was? Zumba or anything like it is definitely my type of exercise. The satisfaction of doing Zumba is priceless!  We had facial session using THEFACESHOP White Seed range. We put on our face mask during yoga session, how relaxing! 

It was a relaxing yoga session, my mind was totally calm and collected. Can I feel this way everyday please?

Healthy lunch :D

Here is short vlog I recorded during the beauty workout. Please take a look and subscribe to my channel if you haven't! :D

Thank you  THEFACESHOP for having me that day, I had a lot of fun! I love the Zumba and facial session, awesome! Don't forget to read my review of the White Seed range in my blog post. :)

For more information on THEFACESHOP, please visit :

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia

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  1. Bestnya dapat berzumba. Teringin. Tapi malu. Hahah. Diari Mommy Muhaimin

  2. HAHAHHAHA i teringat KESEMANGATAN u menari dlm vid tu!!! hahhaha btw curlass lps zumba pkai masker pstu baring2 hahha sonok sgt ni



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