The Joy of Ramadan

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Ramadan is coming soon, how's your preparation? This is my second Ramadan as a wife and my first Ramadan as a mother. :) Well, Marissa is still a baby and obviously she is not going to fast. *hahaha* but this is first time we will be going through our Ramadan in our own home. Ramadan is a holy month for every muslim where we need to fast daily for a month. In KL, the fasting time is usually around 5.40am until 7.30pm. What's the purpose of Ramadan? For me Ramadan is a spiritual cleansing month, a month to worship our creator, Allah S.W.T and at the same to reflect about myself, my deeds as a Muslim. It's always a good thing to put ourselves, to feel what the less fortunate feels. Fasting is also a good way to cleanse my body, to give myself a break during the day.

My first time celebrating Ramadan as a wife and a mommy-to-be in 2015. :)

When I think of Ramadan, I think of terawih prayers, buka puasa with family and friends, sahur, preparing for baju raya, duit raya, cookies and so much more. I would say that I would start preparing around second or 3rd week of Ramadan. I am a last minute type of planner. *LOL* But the most important part of Ramadan is to be together with my family. Funny enough, it's easier to gather everyone during Ramadan, I mean during break fast (buka puasa). You know how it is sometimes when everyone has their own family, it's a bit hard to gather everyone and Ramadan is a great time to bring everyone together. :) The cooking preparation, Ramadan Bazaar visits for kuih and terawih. It's so much fun! While waiting for Maghrib's azan, we would talk and catch up, chatting about what's new and what's not.

Buka puasa in restaurants during weekend what we do every year! :)

I would consider my close friends as my family as well. Especially my high school friends, we have been through a lot together since 1997! That's a long time, don't you think so? So every Ramadan we will set a date for buka puasa. In earlier years, we just booked a restaurant but now everyone prefers to have potluck. I prefer that way too because it's easier because we don't have to book and also easier for us to pray for Maghrib after eating. Last year was fun, I made Asian Hot Wings for our potluck! :)

My high school friends during our buka puasa potluck last year. :)
I made Asian Hot Wings, it was a hit! ;)

Now, having my own family means that I have to cook everyday for break fast for my husband! Erkkk the idea of NOT tasting the food freaks me out! *hahaha* I've done it before but I get anxious everytime. But again, I love cooking for my husband and he better eat whatever I cook for him. *LOL* Luckily my husband is not a picky eater, he WILL eat everything. :P  He is the type of person who always get hungry around 12am-1am and me as a wife like seriously don't have the energy to cook in the middle of the night. So he, a McDonald's lover, will order a McDonald's delivery. :D During Ramadan last year, I was pregnant and oh man let me tell you, this momma is hungry 24/7! So whenever my husband order his McDonald's for sahur, I would slot in my order as well.*hahaha*

During Ramadan, McDonald's has two menu which is the and  Lazeez Chicken Foldover and Mashwi Beef Foldover. They were a hit last year and yes they are back! A perfect choice for berbuka puasa as you can choose between a chicken or a beef set. I would most probably choose Mashwi Beef Foldover because I always prefer a beef burger and I know my husband will choose Lazeez Chicken Foldover.  Mashwi Beef Foldover  reminds me of a kebab and it taste so good! The sauce is a little bit spicy, a little bit sour, a lovely combo. The bread is so filling and tastes good as well. The Lazeez Chicken Foldover  has garlic sauce in it and it goes well with the grilled chicken. Both of this meal comes with Ice Lemon Tea and French fries! The Foldover set is so filling to the extend that I couldn't even finish my french fries. :D

Mashwi Foldover Beef

Lazeez Foldover Chicken

As for Sahur, there's two menu that we can choose which is the Grilled Chicken Breakfast Platter, Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Bubur Ayam McD. Both looks yummy but I have to go with the Hotcakes set! You can order your Sahur set from 4am onwards. :)

Marissa wants a piece of my Lazeez Foldover Chicken. :D

I can't wait for Ramadan, it's a month of purification of the soul and the month to be with my family and loved ones. If you give me any month of the year, Ramadan is the month where our Creator, Allah S.W.T and families should be our top priority.:)

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