FOOD | Review : Kluang Station Ramadan Special 2016

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Can you believe Ramadan is just around the corner? Oh my god, how time flies. We keep saying that, but that's a fact! *ahahaha* Anyway since Ramadan is coming, you bet there are plenty of ramadan offers for buka puasa (break fast). Today we are going to look into Kluang Station Ramadan Special and for this year, they are inspired by the Middle East delicacy, Mandi rice. I love Mandi rice, yes, a middle eastern cuisine lover here. :D Mandi is a Basmathi rice dish cooked with spices and meat. It could be chicken, lamb or any other meat. I always opt for chicken mandi whenever I dine in (or takeouts) in arabic restaurants.   Lets hop right in! :)

We had the food review session at The Waterfront at Parkcity which is located in the Desa Park City area. This is my first time in this outlet, and I love the open air concept. But they also have indoor seating with the comfort of air-conditioner. :)

For this Ramadan, Kluang Station offers 3 meat choices for their customers to be served with their aromatic spiced Basmathi rice. You can choose between whole leg chicken, spicy beef dendeng or lamb curry.  This meal is completed with two side dishes, chickpeas tomato salsa and butter yogurt. Customers will also get a complimentary Sirap Selasih and a serving of dates for buka puasa. You may request for dhal curry as it is free with any meal, but just make sure to request for it. 

The Mandi rice is aromatic and fragrant. I can taste the spice but it's not too strong. The rice is well-seasoned and not oily. It has the right amount of moist in the rice that makes the rice fluffy. Perfect to go with any of the 3 meat choices.

  Mandi with Beef Dendeng  
Price : RM22.65

This beef dendeng is a bit different from what I used to eating. This beef has a crunchy texture on the outside but it's tender in the inside. The spiciness level is about 50-70 percent, but it is balanced with the sweetness of the sambal. I love it, it's spicy but sweet. My mom and I cook beef dendeng every Eid and it is one of the dishes that everybody loves. It is time-consuming to make beef dendeng, but it is totally worth it. This beef dendeng in Kluang Station is different from my family's recipe, but it is still so good! 

  Mandi with Whole Leg Chicken  
Price : RM22.65

The chicken is so moist! When I bite into it, it just melts into my mouth.  It's not spicy at all, not greasy. If you prefer chicken, this is a must try!

  Mandi with Lamb Curry  
Price : RM22.65

I'm not really a big fan of lamb, unless it's grilled. But once in a while I do cook lamb dishes such as lamb curry for my family. In my opinion, this lamb curry taste more of a lamb rendang. But again, everybody has different recipes and different take on cooking so to each to it's own. I love that this lamb curry is not too spicy and it is so full of flavour. It feels like I can taste every part of the ingredients, it's good!

Side dish   |  Chickpeas with Tomato Salsa
Refreshing dish to compliment the meal

Side dish   |   Butter yogurt
Tangy and creamy,  with the addition of onion. Perfect combo with the rice!

Complimentary with any  Ramadan meal

Dhal Curry
Sirap Selasih

Besides this Ramadan dishes, you can always choose Kluang Station Signature dishes as well. Lets check out which dishes is the best seller in Kluang Station.

  Horlicks, Peanut Butter and Banana Drink  
Price : RM10.45

A special drinks for Ramadan, horlicks with peanut butter and banana to fill in the tummy.  You will get a full size (same glass as the Sirap Selasih). This drink is yummy, gonna recreate it for my morning smoothie! :D

Besides the Ramadan specials, you can also try their Signature dishes that has been all time favourites of their customer. :)

  Hainanese Chicken Chop  
Price : RM16.85

Juicy and tender chicken with it's mushroom gravy. The perfect comfort food. Don't ever think about the calories, just enjoy this because this is so good. :D I usually go for Chicken Chop with Black Pepper sauce whenever I want to eat Chicken Chop but this Hainanese Chicken Chop has totally open up my eyes to try something different. *hahaha*

  Kluang Laksa  
Price : RM11.55

Thick and creamy gravy, full of flavours. Ahhh, such a nice laksa. Laksa lover, this is a must try!

  Kluang Mee Siam  
Price : RM7.40

Mee Siam has a tomyam taste and this Kluang Mee Siam hits me at the right spot. Tomyam flavoured meehun, checked. Non-greasy, checked. Balance seasoning, checked. So yes, I will come to Kluang Station just for this. This is a great choice if you don't want to eat much, and a perfect food if you want to eat and gossip at the same time! *hahahaha* :P

  Nasi Lemak with Whole Leg Fried Chicken 
Price : RM14.75

We can never go wrong with good old nasi lemak right? *hehehe* Your plate of Malaysian favourite white crispy whole leg fried chicken. Yummehhh! What makes a good nasi lemak? It's the sambal, of course! The sambal it's not too spicy and goes well with the rice, chicken and condiments.

Just a little side information, Kluang Station also provides catering service for functions and events. There are 4 sets of menu that you can choose ; Breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner men, consisting halal asian and western cuisine. Prices are ranging from RM10 to RM20 per pax. If you are interested, you can email them at or contact them at 03-6143 3338/ 03-6143 5332. Kluang Station also offers franchise opportunity to those who are interested, kindly email them at

Do give Kluang Station a visit Ramadan and enjoy the Ramadan specials. I personally love the Mandi rice with Beef dendeng so that will be my choice if I am going there. :D Talk to you guys later, take care! :)

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**All pricing is inclusive of 6% GST and exclusive on 10% service charge.

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