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Today I am going to introduce to you guys bout a new beauty fiber drinks named Charletta. I guess everyone nowadays is concern with these two aspects because believe me, everybody wants to look good and feel good about themselves. In 10 of my friends, at least 7 of them are eating or drinking supplements daily. When I asked them what do they look for in beauty supplements, they said the food or drinks supplement has to give them brighter skin effect, aids digestion movement and gives them more energy. Well lucky you, I might have the right product to share with all of you today. 

Charletta is still new in the market but it has a lot of potential. Charletta is a Malaysian brand at it is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. With it's Sakura Nano White Technology, this 2-in-1 beauty drinks is designed for slimming and brightening of the skin. The ingredients in Charletta includes Garcinia and white kidney bean for slimming purpose and Sakura nano white, Vitamin C and Gluta for a glowing skin.

What Charletta can do for you?

 Zero cholesterol
♥ Effects as early as 7 days
♥ Slimming and whitening supplements
♥ A complete supplement for the body
♥ Brighten up dull skin
♥ Maintain ideal weight
♥ Improve digestion system and treat gastric

How to drink Charletta?


It is so easy to use Charletta.  All you need to do is to fill in your shaker with 200ml of water, tear up one sachet and shake 'em up! If you don't have a shaker, just get any drinking bottle and just shake it. It is advisable to drink Charletta before breakfast or before eating any heavy meals. I prefer to have it the moment I wake up from my sleep in the morning. I will drink a glass of water, then mix my Charletta and have it before my breakfast. :)

Lets talk about the taste first. It has this lemon-y taste to it and as I looked into the ingredients, it has lemon and lime essence, hence the citrusy taste. It's quite tasty compare to any other water soluble beauty drinks because most of them taste bland and somehow a bit less flavourful. Charletta did a good job in the flavouring department because I don't mind drinking this every morning. After 5 days of consumption, there are a few things that I noticed :

I don't have indigestion problem because I drink coffee every morning and that helps me to go to the loo every single morning without fail. But recently, I am trying to cut down my coffee intake due to my weight issue. As you know, instant coffee has sugars in it and it is not good for the body. So when I don't drink coffee on certain days, I noticed that my indigestion problem has reappeared. This is where Charletta plays its part and helps me to ease out my indigestion problem. By drinking a bottle of Charletta  in a day, I am good to go within a couple of hours! :D Since Charletta is focused on being a fiber beauty drinks, it is safe to say that it works to help indigestion problem.

Whenever I have Charletta, I do notice that I feel less hungry. I used to eat rice twice a day and now I can cut down my intake and eat rice during lunch only. I also noticed that I cut back in my biscuits and cookies snacking which is awesome!! This is the part that I really like about Charlette because it can control what I eat and I don't feel any cravings. And I believe with constant consumption, I can drop my post-pregnancy weight in no time. Insyaallah. :D

Charletta gives me energy. Yes, being a mother to an almost 8 months old baby is hardwork. Juggling with house chores and my blogging job, I need all the help I can get! On those days when I drink Charletta, I feel more energetic and able to accomplish more work in a day. I love the fact that I can be active and I don't feel sluggish and exhausted anymore.

As for skin whitening, I don't really see any difference in my skin condition because it is too soon to tell. Gotta give the skin more time to see results.

For an overall conclusion, I would say I love this for the improvement in my digestion system and the fact that it can give me the 'less hungry' effect, I love it!  Charletta would be great for this coming Ramadan as it can help to give more energy and make us feel full and not hungry. Yeay for a productive Ramadan! :) I would also suggest this to everyone who has indigestion problem because Charletta helps me in that area and maybe it could help you to. I strongly believe that it is a MUST for everyone to do their business (you know what I mean. :D ) every single day to eliminate toxins in our body. I will feel so bloated and uncomfortable if I don't do every day so if you struggle with that, give this a go! Plus, you can get glowy and brighter skin, just in time for Eid. Don't you want that? :)

Charletta is retail at RM89 per box of 15 sachets and currently they are having promotion where you can purchase 2 boxes (RM170) and get a free shaker. Get this for your Ramadan stock! :) To purchase and for inquiries, please contact : 013-271 7191  019-386 2557 / 012-597 8157

With the Charletta founder, Ms. Tia. Thank you for having us and thank you for the warmth hospitality.  Great food with great company. :)

For more information on Charletta , please visit :
Facebook : Charletta Official
Instagram : @charlettaofficial

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