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I gotta share with all of you a new body oil that I use for Marissa after her bath. Previously, I did a blog post on Marissa's Bath Routine and I mentioned about minyak telon I was using for her. Knowing myself, I love to try new products because there's so much choices in the market and as a mother, I want only the best for my girl. When I get the opportunity to try this Minyak BeBe Anugerah  I completely fell in love with the benefits and the scent too!

Minyak BeBe Anugerah is made of Eucalyptus oil, galangal, lemongrass, mint and  kaffir lime.  This oil helps in soothing baby's tummy whenever her tummy is bloated due to 'colic' (bloated tummy). It is known that baby sometimes will experience this so new mommies, don't worry too much about it. Your baby will cry with no reason even after you feed her, and bloated tummy could be the reason your baby feels uncomfortable. Marissa do get it once in a while because she will cry her lungs out and when I start massaging her tummy, she will stop crying instantly. Minyak BeBe Anugerah is designed specifically for new born babies up to 4 years old so this is a better choice instead of using the usual ointment for adults. 

The texture of the oil is not too thick and it smells heavenly! I can't quite put a finger on a specific scent but it does smell a bit like blackcurrant. Ahhh sorry mommies, can't really describe it but it smells good! If you don't like the type of oil that is herbal-ly scented, you can try this oil. My husband prefers this one more that the previous one I used. :P I love giving Marissa massages even when she does not have bloated tummy. I would always massage her from her shoulder down right to her feet after her bath. I use Minyak BeBe Anugerah specifically on her chest, tummy, thighs and feet. She loves to be massaged, no kidding. She enjoys every moment of it because of the warmth of the oil gives comfort to her body just the same as my warm body comforts her whenever I hold her. 

Massages is very good for your baby because a mother's touch is magical. Therefore start massaging your baby when she/he is still a newborn. As your baby grow older, she or he will always have that special bond with you. :) If you are interested to try Minyak BeBe Anugerah, you can get it at the price of RM15 (SM) or RM20 (S/S) for a bottle of 50ml.

For more information on Minyak BeBe Anugerah , please visit :
Official Website : Anugerah Wellness
Facebook : Anugerah Wellness

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