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Raya is coming and I am worried that I won't fit into my new baju kurung. I am still waiting for the parcel to arrive, let's pray I don't have to exchange the size. :P *hahaha* anyway, jokes aside, I know I am not the only one who are concern about how they look during this festive season, am I right? We will be visiting our friends and family that we have not seen for a while, damn right I want to look amazing! :D And trust me, some people will make it a point if someone has put on some weight over the course of not seeing them, true or not? *hahaha* But you know what, just brush them off and enjoy your Raya because what they say does not matter at all!  :)

But of course, I am here to share with you how you can make some changes, and how you can make yourself be more confident from the 'inside'. What I mean is, lingerie plays an important role in my daily life. When I put on my best lingerie, especially the matching ones, I feel great, I feel like I can take over the world! I'm not exaggerating but honestly, when you have good quality lingerie, it will make you feel like a million bucks. Perfect fit equals to comfortable which is fantastic in my diary!

I had a personal fitting session with Triumph at the Mid Valley outlet, and it was a surprising one! *hahaha* I haven't had any lingerie fitting since I gave birth to Marissa and oh my god, I can't believe which size I am actually in now! :P *NEED to cut down my sugary food intake* Anyway I love how the store arrange all the lingerie pieces according to the type, it was pleasing to the eyes. Triumph's latest collection, Light Fascination is all about the perfect support, airy comfort, extremely lightweight and fresh beauty. The new collection comprises of Triumph star products and the ones we are going to touch on today is the Body Make-Up Light and Shape Sensation Light where each of the designs and purpose fits to certain individual according to their body shape.

Body Make-Up Light possesses its renowned ‘second skin’ fit and smooth finish, with the increased bonus of breathability and extreme lightweight cup design. Proudly hailed as ‘virtually invisible’, this range features Triumph’s fabulous new Magic Wire technology with an innovative cup design that promises all the support of a wire with the feel on none. The result is wire-free comfort and a superb finish. Breathable bra cups increase airflow, while soft, smooth fabric in an enticing assortment of feminine hues ensures an all-over incredibly secret fit. 


With Shape Sensation’s new ‘3D sculpt’ design technology achieve a superb silhouette, extreme lift and slimming support, all with the comfort of increased breathability and a light airy feel that is fabulous as your first layer. Hem-free edges and pretty stretch fabric in alluring pastel floral prints complete the picture with an overall super smooth finish. This stunning selection really will help you shape up for sunny days in a flash!

Triumph Light Fascination Shape Shaping Bra  |  RM329.90

Triumph Light Fascination Shape Sensation  |  RM89.90

Triumph Shape Sensation Bodydress Secret Lagoon  |  RM579

Triumph Shape Sensation Corsage Top  |  RM329

Triumph Shape Sensation High Waist Girdle  |  RM429 

Triumph Shape Sensation Short Girdle 

I personally touch each of these bras and they are extremely lightweight due to their soft fabrics and padding. The technology they use for the bra cups is a heaven sent from above because rest assured you will comfortable in any of these bras. Why is that? Firstly, you will undergo a fitting session which will determine your appropriate size. Then, you will be given bras that will suit your needs. Everybody has different types of body, therefore its important to get fitted the right way.

Speaking of my fitting experience, I love how my consultant measured me because seriously I feel so comfortable in all of my lingerie pieces. Do you know that you should hand wash all of your inner wear? I do hand wash my bras but as for my panties I would just throw them in the washing machine except the lace type because I know it will get stuck between clothes. I usually soak my bras for about 5 minutes with lingerie detergent and then I will rub them gently. Rinse them off and hang to dry under a sheltered area. No direct sunlight please!

I also got myself a Triumph Shape Sensation High Waist Girdle and it was so comfortable! It is easy to move around in it and the most important part it does not make me sweat. Do you know the proper way of wearing a high waist girdle? I've known this trick way back in 2009 because I actually own a set of shape wear that I constantly use. You need to turn the girdle inside out and then put your legs in the girdle and pull it up. This way is so much easier than how you usually wear you pants.

Hey girls, Triumph is having a ShopBraHolics Unite sale at all of their stores nationwide, so pay them a visit to get good bargains! I found out that the first 'Manic Day with ShopBraHolics' will be happening at Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang from 22nd June until 26th June! It's the day where you can grab as many lingerie as you want in a certain given of time, how exciting! :D This deal is applicable depending on how much you spend. For more information, don't forget to checkout and oh, you can shop Triumph online via this website too! :)

I'll be wearing new set of lingerie this Raya, what about you? ;)

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