[Beauty Review] : Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! I am so excited to share this post with you girls because I am so in love with it. Yes it is Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette that I have been using since non stop since I got it! ^_^  Without wasting anytime, lets jump right in, shall we?

Too Faced Chocolate Bar has been in the market for quite some time. I actually picked this one up because of my engagement. I would never thought that I would really like it this much, but honestly, I am in love! Besides this palette, Too Faced also has the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which is pretty tempting. Hmmmm... Anyway this palette is more to a neutral warm palette that consists of 16 antioxidant-rich cocoa powder matte, shimmer and glitter shades.  Lets talk about the packaging first since Too Faced is well known for it's super cute and adorable packaging, oh I just can't! If only I could have it all.... :P

It is a tin-type packaging that has magnetic closure. However I kinda feel that the magnetic closure is not really tight and it can be easily opened up. It comes with mirror  which is always a plus point. The exterior looks like a chocolate bar, literally. Awesome!

The only downside is that the name of the eye shadows is not written as it comes with this piece of plastic with their names on it. It is pretty annoying because I can't just throw it away. Oh this palette also comes with a Glamour Guide where they give you several options on how to use the palette. 

But look at these shades, the perfect neutral palettes. Ahhh just lovely! There's a total of 6 matte, 6 shimmer and 4 glitter shades.  Oh this palette smells like chocolate, yeah you heard me right. I thought it is only a gimmick but heyyyy it has already been 2 months bit it still smell like chocolate. It is actually more to a cocoa-scent but hey it smells good. I can even smell the cocoa scent while applying the eyeshadow. ^_^ and how can you resist the cute names? So cuteeee!

Half part of the palette (left)

Half part of the palette (right)

Now lets get to know these eye shadows a little bit better with swatches by row (I swatched the eye shadows by row) :)


Without flash

With flash

Gilded Ganache : Glitter. Greenish black shade with gold glitter. Fall outs tend to happen. 
White Chocolate : Matte. Beige/cream shade.
Milk Chocolate : Matte. Taupe-y brown shade.
Black Forest Truffle : Glitter. Purple-ish brown shade with gold glitter. Fall outs tend to happen.
Triple Fudge : Matte. Black-ish dark brown shade


Without flash

With flash

Salted Caramel : Matte. Peachy brown shade.
Marzipan : Shimmer. Champagne/pink shade.
Semi-Sweet : Matte. Deep brown shade.
Strawberry Bon Bon : Matte. Pastel pink shade. Slight powdery and lack of pigmentation. 
Candied Violet : Glitter. Purple-ish, blue-ish and grey-ish shade with irridescent glitters.
Amaretto : Shimmer. Plum-ish brown shade.


Without flash

With flash

Hazelnut : Shimmer. Deep bronze brown shade.
Creme Brulee : Shimmer. Gold shade.
Haute Chocolate : Shimmer. Deep brown shade.
Cherry Cordial : Glitter. Dark plum shade with  irridescent glitters.
Champagne Truffle : Shimmer. Silver-ish pink shade.


15.9g (eye shadows only)

Sephora (I bought mine in KLCC outlet)


The first thing that caught me is definitely the packaging. It's cute, it's adorable and I'm not gonna lie that it's going to look great on my vanity. Secondly, the cocoa-scent is just divine, I never come across any eye shadows that gives me this sweet smelling scent. And of course, the reason why I love it is because of the eye shadows itself. They are smooth, buttery and blend like a dream. Well the glitter shades tend to have fall outs but I guess most glitter eye shadows do that. All the shades are pigmented and appears true to its colour when you use it on your eyelids. I used the palette with and without eye shadow base so I can conclude that the eye shadows stay well on my eyelids and they do not crease (around 6 hours of usage). This is wonderful warm neutral palette as it is great for your everyday look and great for a smoky, glamourous night out look. They have the right amount of matte, shimmer and glitters shades in a pan, what more can I ask for? As the price point, I think is at the right price because of the texture and consistency of the product, the effect it gives on your eyes is beautiful and you get 16 shades for the price of RM149. It's about RM9.31 per eye shadow which is simply amazing. This is definitely worth it if you want to invest on a good eye shadow palette in terms of price and versatility. 

I hope this review helps if you are in the hunt for a new eye shadow palette. This is a great palette if you are just getting into make up, or even if you are a palette collector. :P I enjoy my time playing with this palette and trust me, you can create so many look with this. I did my eye make up using this palette for my engagement last month. Click HERE if you haven't seen that tutorial. ^_^


For more information Too Faced, please visit :


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. I cannot see the word chocolate haha! Kumpul duit raya la if like this :p quite a good price eh, considering it's Too Faced :o

    Bloobs Blurbs II

  2. Replies
    1. yup the packaging totally sold me, and the eyeshadows are great too! ;)

  3. huwaaaa kak sabby you made me wanna buy this palette now!! it is perfect! i love all the colours. then i saw the swatches, no lies that this is an excellent palette based on your review. i went to sephora last week at sunway and paradigm but this palette takde stock.

    1. it is so lovely mieza. I never thought I would love this palette so much. seriously..... yeah stock mmg limited. I got mine in Sephora KLCC, masa tu pun tinggal 2 pcs kje. T_T

  4. Melting Y_Y confuse nak beli Naked Palette, Chocolate Bar, Stila, Laurier Marcier, Lorac Pro! Lagi tunggu lama nak beli, lagi banyak palette yang best keluar hehe.

    1. haha in all those palette yg u mentioned, i nak lorac pro palette!!

  5. wahhh macam nak makan je chocolate to.. The packaging is great!!! Mengancam taw
    Miss Ika's Blog



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