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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Remember I talked about my meet up with 2 ORIDERM users last week? One of them is ORIDERM ambassador, Norliza Khairudin who is the winner of 'Projek Metro'. She is now a radio announcer and also a well known TV host.  I personally have met her and I can guarantee you that she has good skin, with the result of ORIDERM. She has been using ORIDERM for 3 months and she swears by it that ORIDERM is the key for a cleaner and glowing skin. I have been struggling to find the perfect skincare that suits my skin, and she was experiencing the same problem too.

The reason why she wanted to try ORIDERM in the first place is because of the natural ingredients which is is the extract marine plant. It is known that the extract marine plant will help to reduce acne and dull skin problem and also pigmentation. Furthermore, the extract marine plant will help to balance out the PH level of the skin and at the same time helps to smoothen out the skin. In less than a week, she immediately felt the difference in her skin. Her uneven skin tone problem is solved and her skin becomes smooth and free of blemishes.  She feels fresher and cleaner after each usage and it really helps her to be more confident because of her good skin. She trust ORIDERM because of the effectiveness and and the affordable price. Teenager Set is only RM150, whereas Anti- Ageing Set is only RM280


If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact this number to purchase and for more information on the products :

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