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Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! Remember that I have been posting a lot about ORIDERM skincare products for the past few weeks? Yesterday I was invited to a 'buka puasa' with the founder of ORIDERM and also the ambassador and VIP user of ORIDERM at Melting Pot, Concorde Hotel. Finally I am able to find out more about the products. Mdm. Joanne,  ORIDERM founder said that the product has been in the market for about one year. The main ingredients of ORIDERM is marine plant extract and other natural ingredients. She guarantees there are NO CHEMICAL ingredients in the products. Yes there are NO parabens and such that could bring problems to our skin in the future. Can you just imagine the 'real' condition of our skin at this moment? As for me, I am a beauty blogger and I have to try a bunch of skincare and makeup products that are full of chemicals. I don't even want to know how toxic my skin is. T_T

Dato Rosni Zahari (Ketua Penerangan Wanita UMNO Malaysia) is a user of ORIDERM Anti-Ageing Range. She has been using the products for one month now and she is so grateful to have found ORIDERM. She suffered from Melasma or also known as pigmentation on her face. Due to the fact of ageing, her pigmentation problem has become worst day by day. She has spent thousands of ringgit to find the right product for her skin but nothing worked until she tried ORIDERM. She is introduced to ORIDERM by Mdm. Joanne who is also her friend since Mdm. Joanne noticed the problem Dato Rosni is facing. After 3 days of using the products, Dato Rosni noticed that the pigmentation has reduced significantly and within 7 to 10 days, her dark pigmentation has reduced so much! She is so happy with the result that she keeps on using it until now. She said the products help to maintain her good skin condition. I was sitting in front of her for the rest of the night and she looks flawless and her skin looks so good! She mentioned that she doesn't have to use foundation or much make up anymore because she is confident enough with her good skin. I can see it in her eyes that she is happy with the result and that's why she wants to share the goodness of ORIDERM with the rest of the world.

Dato Rosni also undergo Detox Toxin Facial Treatment with ORIDERM to get rid of all the toxin on her skin. The treatment is RM350 per session but they are now having a promotion where one session only costs RM180! Tempted? I sure do! ^_^

ORIDERM ambassador, Liza Khairudin who is the announcer of Hot FM and the host of MHI was also there with us to share her experience using ORIDERM. Her skin tone is uneven and she also suffered from dryness therefore she is currently using the Anti-Ageing range. She did mentioned sometimes it depends on your skin type to determine which products is suitable for you, so you have to know your skin type properly. Since she's a busy bee as she is always has to constantly put on make up, she knows that it is one of the reason for her skin acting up and create problems. After using ORIDERM, her skin has become so much better and become smoother and healthier. Her skin tone is even out and her dryness problem has reduced tremendously because of the Anti-Ageing range helps to balance out her skin's PH level. Yes her skin looks good face to face okay, no edit-edit! :)

It was fun getting to know them in this intimate meet up! ^_^ 

Blogger Ieda Mansor, Namee Roslan and I with Mdm. Joanne, the founder of ORIDERM. 

I'm with Dato Rosni. Thanks Dato for being so awesome answering my questions. ^_^

I'm with the beautiful, bubbly and sweet Liza Khairudin. Nice to meet you babe! ^_^

Ruby.My, Budiey and Pen Merah were there too! ^_^

Oh of course need to upload selfies with my darling blogger friends! xoxo :)

** I apologized for the dark and blurred photos, the lighting in the hotel is so bad... T_T

There are two sets of ORIDERM  skincare that you can try, they are :
 Teenager Set and Anti-Ageing Set.

Retail Price : RM150

The teenager sets has 3 products which are Clear Mild Wash, Clear Balancer and Clear Repair Essence that balance out PH level of the skin and improve skin texture and even out skin tone. Suitable for teenagers that want fairer and radiant skin. The

1. Clear Mild Wash
~ Cleanse face while giving hydration to the skin
~ Brighten and even out skin tone

2. Clear Balancer
~ Act as a toner that helps to balance out PH skin for oily and dry skin
~ Reduce blemishes

3. Clear Repair Essence
~ A moisturizing gel that helps to protect the skin from the environment (pollution,etc)

Start off by cleansing your face Clear Mild Wash. Pat skin dry with clean towel and use Clear Balancer on 5 spots on your face your (forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin). Gently massage your face from your neck up to your forehead. The fast absorption of Clear Balancer won't make you feel greasy and sticky. Lastly, apply Clear Repair Essence and gently massage from your neck to your forehead.

Retail Price : RM280

Anti-Ageing sets has 4 products such as Absolute Cleansing Gel, Absolute Hydro Fluid, Absolute Hydro Serum and Absolute Hydro Cream. This Anti-Ageing Set is different from other anti-ageing products in the market because it balance out PH level of the skin, reduce dirt and blemishes and also it helps to activate skin cells to reduce scarring. 

1. Absolute Cleansing Gel 
~ Balance out skin's PH
~ Reduce dirt and blemishes on skin
~ Helps the skin be a better absorbent when applying other products on the skin

2. Absolute Hydro Fluid
~ Activate skin cell
~ Reduce scars
~ Anti - oxidant
~ Anti - ageing and provides hydration to the skin

3. Absolute Hydro Serum
~ Helps to improve skin's texture
~ Smooths, moisturize and protect the skin
~ Ensure the skin is healthy and fairer

4. Absolute Hydro Cream
~ Moisturize and protect the skin
~ A special cream as the formulation is extracted from marine plant
~ Skin becomes smooth and fairer


Cleanse the face with Absolute Cleansing Wash. Pat skin dry with clean towel use Absolute Hydro Fluid on 5 spots on your face your (forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin). Gently massage your face from your neck up to your forehead. Apply Absolute Serum and gently massage from your neck to your forehead. Lastly, apply Absolute Hydro Cream the same way as previous steps.

I've received my own ORIDERM skincare set, so stay tune for the review okay? ^_^ Thank you so much  ORIDERM for having us during the 'buka puasa' and also a big thanks to Wahi and Murshid too, I had a wonderful time! :)


If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact the number below to purchase andmore information on the products :

You girls may also follow them on Instagram : Oriderm_Malaysia


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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