Sunsilk Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000

It is a never ending story about hair. We know that hair is an important aspect of a woman. Especially girls in hijab like I am, it is important to take extra care for our hair since we cover them under our headscarves at most of the time when we are outside. I remember the first time when I saw Sunsilk's advertisement where they included Wardina Safiyyah, a headscarf wearer in the TV ad. I believe she is the first hijabi to be on TV doing a shampoo commercial! For some reason, I got excited and I actually went out and bought the Sunsilk shampoo. Yeah, the power of advertisements!

Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh is the shampoo for hijabis women. It is enriched with Vitamin  Citrus Complex which is created to to remove build-up excess scalp sebum and helps to refresh the scalp in just one wash. I always in need of a good shampoo because I want to feel fresh at all time especially when I am outside under the hot sun. 

Heliza Helmi is the face of Sunsilk's campaign for this year as she represents a woman in hijab that live to fulfill her dreams and work hard to achieve towards that. Sunsilk also hope that they are able to inspire and empower women in hijap to have self-confidence  and seize the opportunities to be great. This year, Sunsilk is organizing a campaign, 'Sunsilk Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000' where all Sunsilk users is invited to share their untold stories and memories  of using Sunsilk in their Facebook page. 

What you need to do is :

1. Purchase RM15 of Sunsilk products from the Lively Clean & Fresh range.
2. Share the story of your personal hijab journey with Sunsilk on the Sunsilk Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000 app.

So what's the catch?

The Grand Prize winner will walk away with RM20,000 cash prize and she will be given the opportunity to share her inspiring story as a women in hijab with the world! How awesome is that? ^_^ Sunsilk also will be giving away prizes worth RM50,000 to honour the women who has been a loyal supporter to the brand all these years. :) 'Sunsilk Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000' will run from end of July onwards, so make sure to stay tuned to Sunsilk Facebook page. :)


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