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Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadan to my Muslim friends, and hello to others! ^_^ We are gonna talk about food today and we are going to talk about my favourite kinda food which is snacks. :) I absolutely love snacks because I'm the person who loves to munch on something whenever I do my work and watch tv. I also love to eat something sweet after my lunch or dinner therefore ice cream, pop corns or sweet pastries after my meal is kind of compulsory. :P When I was given the opportunity to check out new menus for Daily Fresh, for sure it's a win win situation for me. *hahaha* To be honest, I have been a Daily Fresh customer for so many years and I can always count on Daily Fresh for my sweet cravings. 

If you haven't heard about Daily Fresh, then you must have been living under a rock! *haha ok kidding, jangan marah :P* I mean I've seen Daily Fresh kiosks at most shopping malls in Malaysia and also at R&R at PLUS Highway and it's hard not to spot them. Daily Fresh Foods Group was established in 1977 and now they have more than 800 franchise outlets and 1,000 licensing selling points around the world. Daily Fresh has expanded their business ti 15 countries with four branches located in Dubai, Shanghai, Jakarta and Riyadh. Daily Fresh has 5 tasty ready-to-go snacks and desserts such as Cup Corn, Wafito, Ice Kimo, Gelato Tempo and Pop Corn

    CUP CORN    

Daily Fresh only gives the best quality corns in Malaysia and it reflects in the product itself. Want to know why? It's because they grow their own corn through their sister's company, Mah Yong which has the biggest corn plantation in Simpang Renggang, Johor. I am a fan of Cup Corn and I can taste the freshness of the corn whenever I eat it. The usual flavour of Daily Fresh Cup Corn is the margarine and salt (Original) and now they have 4 additional flavours such as Sweetened Milk, Freaky Garlic & Cheese, Fury Chilli and Fancy Mayo.


Original :

Add on flavours :

I tried the Cup Corn in Garlic & Cheese and I really like it! Well I love garlic & cheese so the combination is kind of perfect for me. *haha* I also tried the Fancy Mayo flavour but it's not my favourite since I don't really like mayo. But I definitely will go back and eat the Original and Garlic & Cheese! ^_^

    ICE KIMO   

Daily Fresh Ice Kimo is their take on shaved ice-cream. Perfect for this hot weather, the right way to cool down our body. Personally my favourite flavour is Vanilla (I have always been a Vanilla-kinda-gal) and it taste so good and refreshing! Whenever I go to Daily Fresh to get some cold desserts, I would definitely settle for Ice Kimo! :)

Flavours Available :

Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Soursop, Honeydew, Pineapple and Mocha

Price :


Next up, Daily Fresh Wafito Classic and Wafito Premium. What does WAFITO means? 


Waffle = WA
Filling = FI
Topping = TO

That's kinda cool right, I would never thought there is a meaning behind Wafito. *hehe*  Wafito is waffle filled with natural fillings and topped with toppings to suit anyone preference. I LOVE Wafito because the waffle is so fluffy and you really should eat when it's hot! ^_^

These are the fillings available for Wafito Classic ; Margarine, Blueberry, Strawberry, Kaya, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. You can mix any 2 flavours for the fillings and my favourite is strawberry and peanut butter, yumss! :) Each of this yummy waffle costs only RM3.50! :)

These are the fillings for Wafito Premium. The fillings are different and slightly unique as they have Chicken  Floss, Coco Deluxe, Pandan Kaya, Japanese BBQ and Nyonya Kaya. Each of this fluffy and crispy waffle is only RM4.50!


Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo is their Italian-style gelato ice-cream. All the ingredients are imported directly from Italy because they want to bring the taste of authentic Italian Gelato to their consumers. One fact that is so cool about the process of making the gelato for comsumers, Daily Fresh uses One-Shot Dispenser System to eliminate the usage of soft serve ice cream machine.

All the worker have to do is to take this Gelato which has already been pre-packed (quality and size control) in the freezer and put in the One Shot Dispenser system, and it's done! I must say by using this system, consumers won't have to worry about their food is touched by the worker.

There are 10 flavours that you may choose from such as Yogurt Original, Yogurt Mango, Yogurt Strawberry, Yogurt Melon, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Green Tea and Black Sesame. Phewww! You will be spolied for choices! :D  I tried the Green Tea and Dark Chocolate flavours and they are amazing. The textures are very creamy and the taste is on point. I will come back for other flavours! :) Each cup of Gelato Tempo is priced at RM5.90  - RM6.90


The latest addition in Daily Fresh family is the flavoured Popcorn. Only the best ingredients used to create this flavourful popcorn as the corn kernel is imported from USA which guarantees a bigger and crunchier popcorn. The popcorn contains no MSG and no preservatives therefore you need to consume it within 4 months. The secret recipe is to roast the popcorn in the high-performance oven to maintain it's crispiness. There are 5 flavours available such as Caramel (best seller), Honey Dew (best seller), Seaweed, Spicy Curry and Black Sesame. I love Spicy Curry and Seaweed! I know you might think it's a bit weird but seriously it tastes good! It's a combination of a savoury and sweet popcorn. Yummy!

Each of the Popcorn is packed in a tub and the price is range from RM6.90 - RM7.90. How affordable is that? But let me tell you something, it is so addictive that these 2 buckets that I got were gone in less than 24 hours. Yeah no kidding! :D


Only for this Ramadan, Daily Fresh is offering 2 awesome deals than runs from 27th June till 4th August 2014 to all of their customers! 

"Daily Fresh Hari Raya Popcorn Combo Pack Promotion"
Buy 1 big tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn and 1 big tub of ANY flavour Daily Fresh Popcorn and GET :
 1 small tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Daily Fresh Hari Raya Paper Bag & 1 pack of Daily Fresh Green packets (5 pieces)

"Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo RamaDan Promotion"
Buy ANY flavoured Gelato Tempo at RM4.90 with FREE toppings

Well, I'm not done yet! To all my readers, you can print out this voucher (below) to get Corn Cup (Original flavour) for FREE with any purchase of RM8.00 and above! Hurry as the voucher ends 4th of August! :)

I know when you are reading this you might be salivating because some of you might be fasting now. *hehe* I'm sorry dearies, go to any Daily Fresh kiosk and get yourself some Daily Fresh goodness! ^_^


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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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