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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! Raya is coming soon so have you booked your bus ticket to balik kampung? ;) When I talked about express bus, I will immediately remember the days when I was studying in Malacca. I would go back to KL every week or every 2 weeks (yeahhhh such a city girl. *hahaha*). I remember those days that I have to go into town and bought the ticket by myself under the hot weather in Malacca, so hot! T_T Don't you think it's easier if we are able to purchase bus tickets via online and we can skip all the hassle to go to the counters and buy the tickets? Yeah, count me in, definitely!

Today I want to introduce to all of you to a convenient service that could help you to purchase bus tickets through online! ^_^ BusOnlineTicket.com is a one stop online bus tickets booking portal for several express bus companies that covers routes in Malaysia and Singapore. They also provide bus services cross border to Thailand and also in Indonesia! (Click for the list of bus operators).  Let's take a look at the popular routes and destinations in Malaysia based on BusOnlineTicket.com statistics!

It is so easy to navigate the website and also it is super easy to book from them. It is so easy that I'm gonna show you how by clicking this LINK. :D  You will get instant confirmation and they have their 24/7 email support if you have further questions, any doubts or even if you have a problem and you need someone to sort it out. 

There are several payment methods that you can choose from, mainly you can pay via credit card :

You can also pay via internet banking, Singpost Office (Singapore) and also at 7-Eleven! Yes, you can pay for the tickets at 7-11 by cash payment! Click HERE to find out how! ^_^ 

Currently, BusOnlineTicket.com is having a promotion where 8% off discount is applicable for one (1) ticket. 

So book your tickets now and use the code BOTBLOGGER ro enjoy the discount as the promotion will end in the first week of August 2014! ^_^ I hope this information will help you guys if you are looking for alternatives to purchase bus tickets. I wish this kind of service is available when I was studying. *sob sob*. Anyway, you better start booking your tickets now to avoid any regrets later. You don't want to celebrate your Raya on your own right? :D

For more information on BusOnlineTicket.com  , please visit :


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