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Assalamualaikum and helloooooo my darlings! :) Do you love handbags? Are you obsessed with collecting handbags? Or are you the type who saves up your money and splurge on one good quality luxury handbag in a given period of time? I am not really a handbag person, but if I am planning to buy a handbag, I will most probably want to spend my money on something that will last longer. When I was younger it's all about buying the inexpensive ones because I don't really have the cash to spend so much on good quality handbags. I'm not saying that inexpensive ones are not good but I do have many experiences where they would only last me about a couple of years. But now I guess it's okay to splurge a little bit, but of course you have to be wise in spending your money. ;) 

A few weeks back I was invited to Reebonz Handbag Workshop where the audiences were educated on how to choose the right handbag. Ms. Gail Chen, Senior Merchandiser from Reebonz Headquarters (Singapore) shared a few tips and trick on how to get the right handbag according to the trend, colours, functionality and of course getting them at the right prices. 

Designs of the bags is definitely the top priority to consider when purchasing a bag. It comes hand in hand with the functionality of the bag. Chen shared top 10 bags which is expected to be big in Spring/Summer 2014 and they are :

Petite Shoulder Bag
Small, boxy and structured, and often adorned with chain straps. It’s small enough to make a statement but roomy enough to house all the essentials.

Mini Cross-Body 
Long-strapped bag that has withstood the test of time. It features a simple silhouette of a front flap and central clasp, giving it a mini satchel look

Prim Handbag
Vintage bag with its structured design. The designs are updated with colour-blocking details and unexpected colour combinations.

Bowling Bag
Generally available in three sizes, with the most popular one being the medium size. This versatile multi-way bag can be carried like a tote bag, or slung across the shoulder from a long strap.

The name of the bag comes from a French word, which means ‘small, mini, boxy bag’. Meant to substitute an evening bag, it is often encrusted with jewels or studs to add on to its grace and ingenuity.

Pencil Case
Known to be soft and pliable, the oversized ‘pencil case’ shape is a firm favourite among fashionistas. This season sees the pencil case being updated with quilted textures and studs.

Clutch Bag
Roomier, slightly bigger and more formal than the pencil case. This season’s clutch bag features a built-in strap, thus giving it the moniker ‘grab bag’.

Luxury Tote
Often used as an all-in-one work bag, this is every working woman’s dream. One should be able to fit anything inside, especially work essentials like a laptop, iPad amongst others.

Structured Tote 
One of the friendliest sizes, and it gets a rectangular update this season. With its larger - than-A4 size, one can virtually use it for any purpose.

Leather Backpack
With sportswear making a big comeback this season, designer bags are also influenced by the trend. The slouchy haversack silhouette is paired with ‘luxe’ leather this season to give it an edgy yet sophisticated look.

Chen explained there are two colour palettes in a fashion season which are 'Core' and 'Seasonal'. What is 'Core' and 'Seasonal' colours? Core colours are the most essential range of colours, usually in a range of neutral tones, which can be used over and over again throughout different seasons. For Spring/Summer 2014 the shades include Ink (deep, rich navy blue), Crème Brûlée (beige-toned camel), Night (almost-black charcoal grey), Adobe (light tan with a warm undertone) and White. Seasonal colours are the main ‘trendy’ colours of the season, and usually last for around 6 months until the change of the season. Seasonal colours for the season include varying shades of Pink, Dazzling Blue, Vermillion and Metallics like Gold and Silver. Therefore when you really want to pick out the colour of your bag, just make sure you pick out the right shade that goes with everything and colours that will never go out of style! ^_^

Another thing that we should look out for while searching for our dream bag, we need to pay attention on the hardware and the trimming of the bag as well. Hardware and trimmings are the ones that make the handbag stands out and be recognizable. It adds flair to the bags and will definitely create more exclusive and luxury feel to the bags. Chen gives some examples such as Valentino clutch and trapeze bag is adorned with rockstuds, while Alexander Wang’s Rocco bag is decorated with gold, silver or rose gold studs on the base. 

Here's a little tips to take care of your luxurious designer bags. You gotta treat them right since you have spend your hard-earned money on them, right? :D

1. Do not keep your bags in a hot and warm area or enclosed container as leather needs to breathe.
2. Use damp, microfiber soft cloth with a special cleaner for leather.
3. Do not use alcohol material to clean as it will damage the fabric.
4. If you want to put in pens, marker pens or make up inside your bag, make sure to put them in a smaller pouch or case so it won't accidentally damage your bag.
5. It is best to bring it back to where it was bought from as they will have the expertise and professional equipment to do so.

During the workshop, Reebonz Country General Manager, Mr. Tang Siew Wai introduced the new addition to the Reebonz family, which is the Pre-Owned Luxury Collection section. What is Pre-Owned Luxury Collection? It is a new service where members can sell off their leather goods such as luxury handbags and small leather goods to new owners. Reebonz is one of the few online destinations in Asia where members can buy, sell and consign pre-owned luxury goods. Rest assured, don't ever have doubts when buying through Reebonz because Reebonz guarantees the authenticity of every luxury goods due to the existence of Reebonz Atelier who has core capabilities to authenticate, appraise and restore pre-owned luxury items. Everybody know nowadays vintage designer bag value goes up as it ages, creating demand in the market for avid collectors. 

I hope a little bit of this info will help you out if you are planning to splurge on your dream bag. I have several options in my mind already, I just need to save up for them. *hahaha* ^_^  Thanks so much for reading darlings, see ya in my next post! :)

For more information on Reebonz , please visit :

Official Website : http://www.reebonz.com.my/

Till then,

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