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Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Lets talk about hair today since hair has become a major part in our beauty routine everyday. Excessive styling using hair tools such as straightener, hair curler and such will definitely contribute to hair problems. Furthermore with the additional usage of chemical products in your hair does not make it better. Hair problems such as hair loss and hair thinning are a few of hair problems that most men and women are suffering from. Of course these problems is caused by genetics as well, but what can we do to overcome hair loss (alopecia) problem?  

During the Beauty Expo 2013 that was held in KL Convention Centre from 4th to 7th of October. I was introduced to a brand that can help to reduce hair loss problem. Why is it hair loss problem is such a big deal? For me personally, hair loss decrease your self-confidence, it makes a person who is suffering from the problem feels shy and afraid to interact with people. Yes I'm wearing headscarves every single time when I am out of the house,but do you know that hair is an important aspect in a woman's beauty? Even though no one can catch a glimpse of my hair, I want to feel and look good for myself! :)

BioTHIK is a brand that provides a wide range of hair clinical products and hair growth treatment to overcome hair loss and hair thinning problems. BioTHIK uses ingredients that is botanically based with no known side effect to keep it safe and natural for their consumers. BioTHIK products is also alcohol free which makes it a hit in the Middle East countries!

The hair products include :

Scalp Cleansing Foam I - RM85.80
Scalp Cleansing Foam  II - RM85.80
Hair Texture Protector - RM74.80
Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum I - RM162.80
Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum II - RM162.80
Hair Building Fiber - RM118.80
Fiber Locking Mist - RM52.80

*BioTHIK product is available via online, salons and clinics. (Click for details) 

BioTHIK believes in its 3 Stage Protocol in having great hair :

1st : Cleansing & Preventing

2nd : Stabilizing and Stimulating

3rd : Concealing & Maintaining

The products that interest me the most is the Hair Building Fiber and Fiber Locking Mist because you can camouflage bald patches in just 30 seconds! ^_^

BioTHIK Hair Building Fiber is an ultralight fiber made from pure Keratin and treats hair by rebuilding volume and thickness that comes with 11 shades to choose from.


The Results!

For more info on BioTHIK, kindly visit :


Met Sharifah Shahirah, a Malay actress and host. :D

Till then,

Take a good care of your hair because "Rambut Mahkota Wanita!" :)

Sabby Prue



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