Beauty Review : Koji Curving Eye Lash Curler

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! :)

Today I want to review a beauty tool that will make your lashes longer! Every girl needs long lashes if they don't want to pile on fake lashes. Some just don't have the talent to put on fake lashes (yes, I'm one of them -_-) :D  So lovelies, lets dive in and discover whether this product is a yay or a nay!

Koji Curving Eye Lash Curler

Several weeks back, I attended the Koji Dolly Wink Workshop in Puchong and I got this Curving Eye Lash Curler as one of the goodies. 

The eye lash curler comes with 2 extra rubbers so you can change them once your current rubber is too worn out.

It also comes together wita a protective case, how cool is that! You can now being your eye lash curler everywhere without worrying it will get damaged.

Surprisingly, my current eye lash curler is also from Koji! Haha I only realized it when I want to do the comparison between these two. The left side is the Curving Eye Lash Curler and the right side is the regular eye lash curler. The definite difference are the Curving Eye Lash Curler is larger and the base of the curler where you positioned your lashes is way curvier than the regular curler.

Lets take a look the difference of these curler.

I use the regular eye lash curler for my left eye. You can't really see my lashes rite...

Now lets try the Curving Eye Lash Curler!

You can open up your eyes while using this curler.

Can you see how much my lashes is curved? It did not leave any straightness effect on my lashes. It totally amped up my lashes to another level!

I applied two coats of my current favourite mascara, Max Factor Clump Defy, and here's the result!

Do you think I need fake lashes? :D To get a more voluminess effect, curl your lashes once again and you will have full and long lashes! :) I actually did another round of the curler, but somehow the photo got deleted. Sorry ladies! -_-

Lets find out a lil bit about the Curving Eye Lash Curler by Koji.

Price : RM80
Available at : SaSa Stores in Malaysia

Why I like it :
1. It really does it work in curving my lashes. You can see the difference in my photo above.
2. It does not pull my skin around my eyes whenever I want to curl my lashes. No teary eyes or minor injuries there. Yeay!
3. It grabbed all my lashes perfectly, nothing is left behind. Don't you find it annoying that your shorter lashes (usually the ones near your tear duct) are droopy and unnoticable compare to your other lashes? 
4. I love the idea of the protective case, it's a plus point.

Why I don't like it :
1. Price is the only issue because RM80 for an eye lash curler is definitely too expensive. -_- But, if it does it's job, I think it's worth it because you can use it for a very long time. :)

Let me know if you've tried the Curving Eye Lash Curler  and how'd you like it. Or if you have any other eye lash curler that you love, do suggest your favourite! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue




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