Siberian Ginseng for Energy and Youth by SOTHYS

As all of you know, anti-aging products is one of the most popular skincare range because we always find ourselves to prevent, to slow down the aging process. Why?  Basically because we don't want to have fine lines, wrinkles, dullness  and et cetera (the list goes on, I swear). SOTHYS Paris, a luxury skincare brand comes up with a new formulation, a miracle ingredient that may optimize skin's function for every skin's needs to prevent and treat the signs of aging.

So what is it, what is the miracle ingredient?

Well hello, Siberian Ginseng.

Siberian Ginseng is a plant that can survive through cold weather because it is grown in Siberia. It is known for its adaptogenic properties which helps to restore well-being and energy. Adaptogen improves the adaptation capacities of the human body in a non-specific manner (Concept developed by a Russion scientist, Dr, Nikolai Lazarev, 1947).  Siberian Ginseng consists of rare characteristics which help to improve general well-being and helps in slowing down the process of aging when used therapeutically.

SOTHYS developed The Lifeline (Fil De Vie) principle that focuses on to :





the skin's energy reserves in order to restore and prolong youthfulness. 

There are 2 types of cream available in the market, THE LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream / Comfort Cream and THE LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream.

THE LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream / Comfort Cream 
(RM590, 50ml)


PROTECT : The skin's energy reserves with Siberian Ginseng to improve and boost skin's quality and resistance.
Active Ingredients : Siberian Ginseng

STIMULATE : Increase the cell's energy level.
Active Ingredients : 
Yeast Extract - stimulates the ATP production to help cell produce new energy.
Rice Properties - provides nutrients supply.

REGENERATE : Stimulate cellular regeneration, eliminate toxins and strengthens skin barrier.
Active ingredients : Lupine Extracts  

THE LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream
(RM590, 50ml)


PROTECT : The skin's energy reserves with Siberian Ginseng to improve and boost skin's quality and resistance.
Active Ingredients : Siberian Ginseng

REGENERATE : Pro-long cell regeneration actions,eliminate toxins built up during the day
Active Ingredients :
Glycolic Acid - improve cell renewal process
Sophora FLower Extract - eliminate toxin built-up during the day through continuous draining effect

COMFORT : Soothe the skin from external aggression during the day reinforcing it in the night.
Active ingredients :
Rice Phytosterols - repair and reinforce skin's barrier function

This range is also available in a set, 

THE LIFELINE Energizing Coffret (RM888, NP : RM1,569)  consists of :
LIFELINE Energizing Day Cream  (50ml)
LIFELINE Energizing Night Cream  (50ml)
FREE travel size worth RM189
RM200 Energizing Intensive treatment rebate voucher


THE LIFELINE Energizing Homecare is available at all SOTHYS Flagship Salons and SOTHYS Premium Salons Nationwide. Click the links below for salons and flagship store locations! :)

Official Website : SOTHYS Malaysia
Facebook Page : SOTHYS Malaysia 

I don't know about you girls but the name 'Siberian Ginseng' is very exotic to me! It's amazing how a product can survive through the Ice Age and has many beneficial ingredients. I know ginseng has so many benefits in terms of well-being  because there's a lot of ginseng formulated products out there. I do watch Korean drama series and ginseng products keep on appearing whenever there are scenes in the hospitals or when someone is sick. It shows that ginseng plays a vital role to human health. Okay I'm off track now, but you get what I mean right? :D If it's good for your body, it is definitely good for your skin too. And surely Siberian Ginseng in a jar is such a luxury cream to have in your skincare routine. :)


Venue : Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant, Publika

Testing out Day and Night Cream

Lucky draw session

Our 5 course meal is served! Infused with ginseng to keep up wit the theme! ^_^

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military inspired peplum in beige | dress me up
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Till then,

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