Guess Luxe Fall/Winter Collection 2013

Assalamulaikum and hello darlings!

Is there any bag lovers out there? Raise your hand please! If you are, well baby, you have come to the right place! :) Last week, 50 butterflies from The Butterfly Project were invited to the official launch of the GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection in GUESS Accessories, The Gardens. GUESS is launching their latest Collection which is the Fall/Winter Collection 2013! Everybody was dressed in white and eagerly waits for the new collection. Everyone looked excited, well, we are talking about handbags here......  


I can only describe the GUESS Luxe Fall/Winter 2013 Collection with one word, STUNNING! The shades in this collection reflects what Fall and Winter is all about. When I think of these 2 seasons, I would automatically think of earth tones, oxblood, burgundy, those type of darker colours. And yes this collection consists of those shades. This collection caters for every occasion, for work, casual day and night out with friends. Totally wearable for women of all ages. High quality leather is used to produce these handbags, alongside refined details making them such a luxury must have item for every girl. 


"Pretty satchel in quilted rectangular , a simply an understated elegance for evening wear. Made of quilted nappa leather and pale shiny gold hardware."

Left : Mini Flap Bag in Amethyst
Right : Medium Flap Bag Amethyst

Left : Mini Flap Bag in Black
Right : Medium Flap Bag in Black


"The classic GUESS monogram is used to deboss on leather , a classic that's absolutely wearable for work. Made of 4G printed calf leather and pale shiny gold hardware."


"A must have for every girl. A style that embraces the simplicity of a carry-all. Made of drummed cow leather and pale shiny gold hardware."


"A Classic tote for every day use. Comprises of luxurious casual safari print and croco embossed texture. Made of printed safiano leather and croco embossed leather."

Patty Shopper Bag


Pre-Spring Collection 2014 is also available during the launch. OMG. Can I have them all? -_-


"Tilda Collection features double woven handles and a raised front panel give a fresh touch to this stylish handbag collection. Made of quilted nappa leather and pale shiny gold hardware."

Golden Cage Clutch Bag (Available in Light Peach & Black)


"The collection comes with a Carryall size that suits the need of ladies of all ages. Its finishing with tiny metal piping and new personalization with metal triangle turns this understated elegance into a minimal yet luxury carrywear. Made of quilted nappa leather and pale shiny gold hardware."

Medium Flap Bag (Available in Light Peach & Black)

There are other collections as well.... Scroll down for these gorgeous bags!

We were entertained by an exciting performance showcasing these gorgeous bags! Sexy ladies dancing the night away, holding the Fall/Winter Collection 2013! ^_^

From left : My G's Doctor Bag, Primrose Medium Flap Bag in Amethyst, Patty Shopper Bag in Leopard and Timeless Box Satchel Bag in Taupe.

Among all of the collections, I am in love with these 2 handbags.

Golden Cage Medium Flap Bag in Light Peach from the Pre-Spring 2014 Collection! Oh my oh my oh my. What a beauty! This handbag is so versatile, you can dress it up for a casual day outing or a glamourous night out! Ahhhhhh I want! It can be used as a shoulder bag or even as a crossbody since you can adjust the strap. :)

I was told that this is the Classic Range (I'm not sure which collection it belongs to) but that blue shade is to die for! This bag will definitely compliment my looks whenever I put on plain outfits. The pop of colour surely will turns head! ^_^ I would call this my 'mak datin' handbag. hehe :P

Sabrina and I perasan sendiri. hahaha :P

You girls better check out GUESS stores to see these babies for yourself! ^_^

An instagram contest was held during the event and 3 lucky winners will win 3 awesome prizes from GUESS! Whatttt of course I want to win. hahahha! So I instagramed 3 photos, yes 3. :P 

Golden Cage Medium Flap Bag in Light Peach. 2 ways to use it.

haha I can't help it! :P

2 Sabbys? :D

And guess what?? I won 2nd prize! :D I am so happy! I  was saying to Sabrina a few weeks bag that I wanted to buy a new handbag, and here I am with a new handbag. Ahamdulillah. I'm blessed! :)

1st Prize : Reiko, 2nd Prize : Yours Truly & 3rd Prize : Arisa

Can you see how happy I was? OMG I really need to learn how to control myself in public. -_-

with the cutie pie Amelie!  Yeah I can't believe I won! :P

I am not sure from which collection this gorgeous bag is from, but I'm pretty sure it is the Summer Collection 2013 (well based on tag on the bag (I think) since the name is in coding. :P)

white stripes blazer | mango 
white sleeveless top | padini authentics
black mermaid skirt | v-one
studded crossbody | p&co

Thanks for the goodies Guess Luxe! I had a wonderful time with my friends and GUESS! :) and thank you to the awesome Butterfly Project for the opportunity! :)

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. hamaigad! comel gmbar yg dgn amelie tu! hehe! anyway tahniah sabbbyy! u desrve this! yes... i nak medium flap bag tu so badlaayyyyy! aaa.....

    1. thanks babe! hahahha cantikkan medium flap bag tu... uwaaa tengok je la dari jauh. hukhuk

  2. omg, congratz!! I always want to have a guess thing whenever I pass by the shop. congratz to u!!! one more guess item in wardrobe~~

  3. Tahniah, sis Sabby! Saya suka brand Guess ni. Fav saya sudah tentu 'mak datin' handbag tu. Sangat gorgeous ok! Selain tu suka purse style 'large zip around organizer' tu like my purse right now but brand murah je, Vincci. Hehe. Oh btw, handbag sis Sabby menang tu sangat sesuai dengan sis. Tu sis pilih atau pihak Guess yang tentukan? ;)

    1. thank u sayang. :) haha beg mak datin tu mmg comel. phewwww.. :D bag yg menang tu mmg dari pihak guess yang pilih. :)

  4. Congratz, you're so lucky! the bag looks great on you! xoxo

    1. Thank u so much dear. I will follow ur blog! :)

  5. tahniah kak!! heeee ingat lagi muka akak yg terlampau terkejuttt tu!!

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