Lost World of Tambun : Part 4 - Hot Springs & Spa

Assalamualaikum and helloooooo lovelies! :)

This is my last post on my getaway to the Lost World of Tambun with my blogger friends and this part is MY FAVOURITE part of the Lost World of Tambun, seriously! As for me, this is the selling point for the Lost World of Tambun as I feel the concept is unique! :)  Keep on reading if you want to know more about the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa!

Have you guys been to any hot springs before? There are many good things that can benefit your body. Check out the photo below for what hot springs can do for you! :)

* The Hot Springs & Spa is open daily from 6.00 pm.m till 11 p.m. :)

But before reading my Hot Springs & Spa experience, follow my adventure at the Lost World of Tambun in my previous posts :

Excited??? Yeah lets go! :)

Now lets dive in to the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs and Spa! ^_^

After spending the whole day at the theme park, we went back to our hotel to freshen up and rest a little bit. Around 7.45 we headed to the Hot Springs & Spa to have some fun and BBQ dinner! Wheeeeee ^_^

But before we had our BBQ dinner, Innanie and I stopped by at a massage station by Crystal Spa to have our massage. The head and shoulder massage is so good, I almost fell asleep! :D

Ami and Illy enjoying their massage

At the same station, there's a fortune teller and a coffee scrub and mask for all of us! Oh man, this is all too much. I feel so pampered!

After all that relaxing matters, we head to the BBQ area and had our lovely dinner. The food were grilled right in front of us and everything is yummy! We actually took a dip in the hot springs, go back to the BBQ and eat, then go back to the Hot Springs, then eat some more. Haha yes, never ending food as the BBQ station is closed at 10 p.m. :)

There's  musical performance by the Lost World Hot Springs band too! ;)

The first pool that we went in was the Infinity Pool. it is 40 degrees and yes it is so hot! Considering we didn't go into the Saphira's Lair  first. Haha but it was fine, I love it! There is a steam cave in the Infinity Pool that you can go in but you can only be in there for less than 5 minutes. The steam cave serves as a rejuvenating natural steam bath that can help soften the skin as the sweating enhance detoxification of the body.  It looks kinda scary in the beginning (I'm a claustrophobic) but I ended up going in there for about 3 or 4 times, accompanying some of my friends who are a bot scared to go in. But it was fun! :)

The girls in the Saphira's Lair!

Our next stop is the Crystal Pool which is reserved for The Butterfly Project for that night! Woot woot! :D the temperature of the water is still 40 degrees so yes it is still hot. But I don't mind because I love how private the area is. :)

What kind of pose is that? -_-

Yeah happy times! :)

Next we dipped our feet in the Foot Spa. There's pebbles (like the ones in the playground that you can walk on, sort of like reflexology) so if you can't stand the pain, you will be screaming! Haha I didn't scream but i walked for about 10 seconds that got out from the Foot Spa. My feet just couldn't take it. Hehe

We went in to the Top Of The World Pool which is the hottest among all the pool, stands at 43 degrees. Phewwww it is so hot, but I can still manage. The best tip that I can give when entering the hot spring is to take your time. Slowly dip into the water, depending on your heat tolerance. Eventually you'll get used to it. ;)

Haha I don't know why I keep on doing this pose. lol

My happy and satisfied face after an amazing night at the Hot Springs & Spa! I feel so relaxed and my body surely is definitely thankful because I took some time off to relax and unwind at the Hot Springs & Spa. It was an amazing experience and when I woke up the next morning, my body felt so light and energetic. Thanks to the many benefits of  the hot springs! ^_^


The next morning we had our breakfast at the Garden Terrace. They have a wide variety of breakfast spread so don't worry, everyone can have any choice of breakfast! :)

Around 10 a.m. we gathered at the hotel lobby for check out and get ready to go back to KL. Awwww I don't want this to end. Sob Sob... :(

Jennifer, Caroline, Choulyin, Yours Truly, Kahmon & Frankie

Maple & Ami

One last shot before going back to KL!

A free style group photo! Why be serious when you can be goofy? :P

The Lost World of Tambun has an amazing array of activities for everyone. This is definitely a great holiday getaway because there is so much to offer and to be enjoyed. Make sure to check out The Lost World Of Tambun if you are looking for a holiday destination! ^_^

Thank you so much for the wonderful and amazing experience, I had a SUPER GREAT time with my friends. I will remember this forever! :) 

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. Assalamualaikum kak sabby! wahh lajunya update. tak terkejar sheila kak. heeeeeeeeee. rindu nak masuk hotspring! heeee

    1. Wslm dear.. Aah akak pun rindu nk terjun hot springs.. Best nyaaaa

  2. Serious hot springs and spa ni memang best! Anis pun tengah otw writing about it.. Hihi :D

    1. Wheee best kan!! Akak pun suka sgt hot springs ni. :) yeay nanti bole baca post anis pulak!

  3. great getaway!!
    still in memory..wink wink ^_^

    1. Best kan pika... Will remember this forever. :)



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