Food Review : Kungfu Paradise, Paradigm Mall

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

Today we gonna talk about something different, shall we? Lets talk about my other passion which is FOOD! Ya ya ya everybody loves to eat including me. ^_^ I was invited to review a cafe named Kungfu Paradise which located in Paradigm Mall. At first I was wondering about the 'halal' status of this restaurant but luckily before I even asked, Natalie (Mar Comm Manager) included in her email saying that all the ingredients used in preparing their food are 'halal certified' and the cafe is in the process in getting their halal status. Getting a 'halal' status is indeed a long process and I believe Natalie words. Being said that, of course they do not serve pork. ;) I think one of the reasons that caused Muslims to be doubtful to go into the cafe because it is surrounded with non-halal restaurants. That's too bad but hey, now you know it is halal

Okay so lets find out a little more about Kungfu Paradise. Kungfu Paradie offers a wide selection of menu, East meets West cuisines. They have everything from noodles, baked rice, fusion pasta, dim sum and so much more. Their specialty is in their Chinese delights! It suits their tagline, Cafe With A Kick (as in Chinese - Kungfu - Kick? You get what I mean? :P)

Enough blabbering, lets take a tour of this cafe! 


Booth seats for privacy

The cafe plays around with the shades of orange, a vibrant colour to create a lively ambiance for their customers. I really like how the seating area is set up because it made me feel how spacious the cafe is. This is a good place if you want to have larger groups for lunch or dinner. because of the space. For me this cafe is a casual eateries where you can relax and have good time with your family and friends.

Beverage Station


I appreciate the menu display at the entrance of the cafe. It makes it easier for potential customers to see if anything catches their eyes. 

Best- Seller Dishes board display. Also a great way to introduce the best selling dish in the restaurant. I am the type of person who would go for the best seller dish whenever I'm trying out a new place. It helps me a lot in making a decision on what to eat. :D

Sabrina scrolling the menu...hmmmm what to get?

Thank god for the images!!

Don't you hate it when a menu has NO PICTURES? Yes, I hate it because I don't know how it looks like. I want a good-looking food so I know it will taste good. Hahaha okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but people feast with their eyes first, yes or no?  It gives you the idea of the food if the menu comes with illustrations so you won't be dissapointed when you receive your meal. So thank you Kungfu Paradise for having a menu with images. You make people like me a happy camper! :)


Natalie feed us with Kungfu Paradise's best seller dishes. Oh I can't wait to dig in!

Lets quench our thirst with some yummy drinks! ^_^

Cooling Lychee Mint Ice Blended - RM13.90

A combination of lychee and mint, so refreshing. A pick me up kinda drink to freshen up your taste bud. The minty taste is subtle but it does enhance the lychee flavour. 
*Natural fruits/ingredients is used in the drinks, no artificial flavourings.

Tropical Coconut Ice Blended - RM13.90 *Try this out!

Taste like the original coconut water. The level of sweetness is just nice. Cooling and refreshing. Definitely my favourite! 
*Natural fruits/ingredients is used in the drinks, no artificial flavourings.

Can you see how excited I was? I had 2 of this. It is THAT good. :D

Toasted Hazelnut Frappe - RM11.90 

Mieza ordered this coffee ice blended. The hazelnut taste mixed with coffee is a good match. However I would suggest drinking this after you have finish eating because it is kinda heavy. The kind of 'lepak' drink to have while relaxing with your companion. :D

Stir-Fried Beef with Scallion Rice Bowl with Lava Egg - RM14.90

This dish is not spicy, mild taste. The beef is tender and the sauce is pretty thick and has this salty but good taste. I never have this kind of dish before. A totally new experience, a good one that is.

Egg Noodle with Australian Smoked Beef topped with Special Sauce (Dry) - RM12.90++

The noodle is imported from Hong Kong and it certainly does not taste like the noodles you bought from the store. The Australian smoked beef is a nice touch to the dish. Smoked beef is different than the usual beef we have, some people might not like it, but I'm fine with it. 

Bake Rice : The Duo Master - RM16.90 *Try this out!

Cheesy and creamy dish with rice, chicken and fish, baked to a perfection!

See how gooey the cheese? hehe this dish is so yummy! The chicken and fish is marinated in their sauces and baked till they are golden brown. I bet kids will love this. A tip if you want to try this out, eat it when it's hot!

Kungfu Bumger - RM7.20 *Try this out!

Bumger? Not burger? hehe Chicken patty marinated in special sauce, serve with lettuce and burger buns. The perfect size for me but I guess guys would be ordering for the second one. :P

Steamed Fish with Lime & Chilli Sauce - RM29.90++ *Try this out!
*served with steamed rice (1 pax)

This is the STAR of the best seller, well for me at least! I can really taste the lime (sour), the chili (spicy), and the cilantro. Oh how I love cilantro, it makes any dish better! I would suggest you guys to try this one if you love spicy food, because it is super spicy, but so good!

Seafood Chilli Crab Pasta - RM18.90

I am not really a fan of this dish because I personally feels pasta with seafood is just a bit odd. It is sweet and packed with flavours. Crabs, squids and prawns can be found in this dish. Do try it of if you are a seafood lover.

Steamed Fish with Spicy Soy Paste served with Rice - RM29.90++

This steam fish is different from the previous one that we tried. Since the main ingredient is Soy Paste, so the taste is different, I don't really know how to describe it. I believe Soy Paste means 'taucu' in Malay, am I right? If I am, then 'taucu' lovers might want to try this. 

Shrimp Paste Chicken - RM12.90

Chicken marinated in shrimp paste (belacan) marinate and fried till golden brown, served with Thai sauce. Great for snacking!

Chocolate Lava Cake - RM12.90 *Try this out!

Oh yeah, the best seller dessert, Chocolate Lava Cake! Warm chocolate cake, topped with cold Vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate cake is not sweet as it is made from dark chocolate. I think it's great that they use dark chocolate because it goes well with the sweet Vanilla ice-cream. Too much of sweetness can ruin this dessert. The combination of hot and cold is a match made in heaven. What a great way to end your meal.  


The service is great. We don't have to wait too long for the food to arrive. There are many staff in the cafe so if you need to ask them anything, just call them. The place is cozy, a good place to eat, relax and hangout with your friends and family. Price range is good, it is affordable with the portions of food/drinks that you are getting.  Wide selection of food and beverages to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choices!


10% OFF total bill if you are using CIMB Credit or Debit Card! ^_^ 
*Till 31st December 2013

LUNCH SET from RM10.90++! 
From 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Click HERE for the full selection of the lunch set!

Thank you Natalie for the invitation. The service is wonderful and I love the food! Will come back for more! :)

Kungfu Paradise have 2 outlets at the moment. Check out Kungfu Paradise if you are looking for a new place too eat, you won't regret it! :)

Kungfu Paradise Paradigm Shopping Mall
Lot 2F-21, Level 2

Kungfu Paradise Mid Valley Megamall
Lot LG074A. Lower Ground Floor

Official Website : Paradise Group
Facebook Page : Paradise Group

Till then,

Sabby Prue



  1. The baked rice has a big portion and yummy!! <3

  2. i wanna go there again, haha! next time nak bawak kawan2 sekali, the foods sangat sedap ^_^

    1. me tooooo! going back there for the coconut ice blended and the steamed fish with lime. :D



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