Lost World of Tambun : Part 3 - Theme Park

Assalamualaikum and hello dearies! :)

This is my 3rd part of my blogger getaway with the awesome Butterfly Project! BEWARE that this post is SUPER LOADED with photos, I want to include every photos if I could. hahaha :D

Incase you miss any of my previous posts on my trip to the Lost World of Tambun, well, click the links below then continue to this post! :D

Welcome to The Lost World of Tambun! ^_^

Yeah I'm hereeeeeeeee

Group photo with all of the Butterflies. Awesome!

Before we start our exciting journey in the theme park, lets find out about the ticket price :

ADULT : RM48.00 nett per person
CHILDREN : RM41.00 nett per person
*Child below 90 cm in height is FOC
* Group package is available for 30 pax and above (advance booking is required)

As for the operating hours :

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY &  FRIDAY : 11.00 a.m. - 6.00p.m
SATURDAY & SUNDAY : 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 
SCHOOL & PUBLIC HOLIDAY : 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 
CLOSED EVERY TUESDAY (except during Malaysian School & Public holidays)

After capturing some photos and stuff, we were lead to Kepura Cave for a lunch. I was so hungry that time so thank god we are having lunch right away! :D


Kepura Cave is a natural limestone cave that is turned into a hall for any occasions such as meetings, seminars and just about any events that can accommodate 100 people. And we got the opportunity to have lunch here! ;)

Yummy food! The veges is so so so gooood! Nyums! :D

After our wonderful lunch, we hop on to the Adventure Express for a tour of the park! Wheeeeeeeee


Our first pit stop is the Lost World Petting Zoo. Here you can get up close and personal with the animals. You can actually touch, feel, feed and play with the animals, ain't that fun? :)

This raccoon's name is Acucu (I don't know the exact spelling, but that's how we call it. :P) So comel!

The peacock is beautiful!

Haha posing in the Petting Zoo. This is not an animal okay *sniff sniff* 

This Petting Zoo is so much fun! I really wish I can kidnap Acucu and bring him home and be friends with my 8 cats. hihi :P


Our next stop is the Team Building Park. This is a great place if you are looking for a location for team building because they have adventurous activities that will knock your socks off! The activities are :

13 High Rope Course
Leap Of Faith (Para Jump)
Wild Woosey
Via Feratta with Natural Abseil
Zip Line
6th Mile Tunnel
Super Adventure Race
XXX Challenge

Click here for more info --> Team Building Activities


Ipoh is one of the states in Kinta Valley that has prestigious tin mining history. The purpose of the Tin Valley is to reminisce the past times how a 'dulang washer' works during those times. Its always great to know a little bit about our history and how things work back then.  Very educational indeed.

The uncle briefed us on how it is done.

This is how you do it. Swirl the dulang for several times. Haha I don't think that's the right term! :P

There you have it!!

Then we headed to Dulang Tea House for a tea break. Yeay, makan lagi. :P

I was told by  Syafika (E-Communication Executive of Sunway) that this tea house just started the operation for about a few months. I really love this concept because it gives the opportunity for guests to experience Ipoh's food and beverage specialty. 

Toasted bread

Black coffee and 'biskut lutut' well at least my family calls it biskut lutut. hehe :D

We were then told to participate in a treasure hunt! Whatttt... Oh soo tired, but of course we joined the fun! We have to complete several tasks and took photos at each entrance of the locatios. :D

Treasure Hunt photos!

We had fun, and this is one awesome team members! :)


This is the place if you want to watch the tigers roar and play. And you can watch them during their feeding time too! It's always a good sign when the tigers look healthy and strong, good job Lost World of Tambun for keeping your animals healthy! :)


You can take a ride on these swan boats if you feel like relaxing at the lake. Hehe ala-ala romantic gitu! :P


This is the place if you want to try out Ipoh specialties such as the pomelo, putu mayam and Ipoh White coffee! Slurpppp! :D

Ignore my 'busuk' face. -_-


a) Sandy Bay & Jungle Wave Pool

b) Kids Explorabay

c) Tube Raiders

d) Cliff Racer

e) Adventure Rivers

Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to experience all of the water parks. They look so much funnnn! Make sure to come here as early as possible if you want to experience all of the rides! ^_^


 Adventure Express

You can hop on to the trains to get a quick tour of the Lost World of Tambun. Sort of like 'hop on, hop off'. where you can stop at certain destination and hop on back when you are done! :D

 Dragon Flight

Lupe's Adventure is Perak 1st roller-coaster! Woo hooooo! I was forced by other bloggers to go on to this ride. huhu if you know me, I'm afraid of EVERYTHING! haha I was so scared and nervous getting on this roller coaster but you know what, I survived! :P

Other rides that you can enjoy such as Giddy Galleon,  Perak Parade and Storm Rider! ;)


Being home some lovely souvenirs for your family and friends back home! ;) 

What I love the most about the Lost World of Tambun that it is a family holiday destination. It caters for everyone in the family, the kids, teenagers and adults. It's all well rounded! I had a great and fun time in the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and I wish I can experience it once again! Awwww next holiday spot maybe? ;)

For more info, visit :
Official Website : Lost World Of Tambun
Facebook Page : Lost World of Tambun

My last post will be on the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa! Wait for it darlings! ^_^

Till then,

Sabby Prue




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