MBSB Cheeky Savings "Over The Top Season 2" is coming to you, starting on 26th October 2013!

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies! 

If you remember back in July, I did a post on MBSB Cheeky Savings "Over The Top 2" Audition session. And guess what? Last Friday was the press conference for Over The Top 2 reality TV series and we found out that the audition is over and the show will be starting on 26th October 2013! The show will be aired on TV3 every Saturday (10.00 a.m.) and Sunday (10.30 a.m.) , from this Saturday all the way till 15th December 2013! :)

Over The Top 2 is a children reality TV show comprises of challenges that push the children to use their strengths, skills and ability to make decision as a team through the obstacles in the challenges. 18 children will be divided into 6 teams and they will compete against each team for 8 weeks! Weehoooo! Yes, challenging obstacles are waiting for them! ^_^  

Okay guys, if you don't know what the reality show is all about, click my post HERE to find out more about the TV reality show information and also the prizes that these children will win! 

We were shown a snippets of the reality TV series. The kids sure looked like they are having so much fun! Adventure stuff! :D

En. Azman Aziz, the Senior Vice President of Retail Direct Sales of MBSB said that the purpose of this show is to approach young kids about the importance of money management and at the same time to introduce a healthy financial savings habit among them.

Mr. Sasidharan Chandran, the Executive Producer of Over The Top Season 2 and Chief Executive Officer of Island Talk Asia mentioned about an  exciting and interesting news to all schools out there. This season, Over The Top 2 will be giving away RM10,000 for the "Home Viewers Participation Contest" (School Category)  to the school with the highest number of home-viewers contest participant! 

Over The Top 2 also conducted road shows at 17 schools to introduce students about the MBSB Cheeky Savings Club. MBSB Cheeky Savings Club is children savings account (Malaysians aged 18 and below) that offers a profit rate of 2.5% per annum with worthy benefits and rewards for the account holders!  

For more info on MBSB Cheeky Savings, click HERE!

The ever cute Mia Sara was there too! 

haha ok, I'm afraid of anything in suits. That's the real story of this picture. :P

 I was interviewed, 4 questions were asked. :D

So guys, for more info on Over The Top 2, visit :


 STARTING THIS SATURDAY (26th October 2013)

Every Saturday at 10.00 a.m.
Every Sunday at 10.30 a.m.

Only at TV3! :) 

Till then,

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