Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)

When I first told that I am expected to participate in an adventurous challenge, I freaked out. Yes I'm the type of person who is NOT into adventures. I'm scared of everything and anything. Ya ya ya very typical lembik girl. -_-  Anyway I did say yes because I thought I can find my way to skip this challenge. LOL But did that happened? ;)

What : Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge
Where : Blue Entrance, Sunway Pyramid
When : October 6th 2013 (10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)

You see thatttttt... Only for the Adventurous! :P

So basically, what you need to do is to run into this adventurous tent and get an ice cream, wait for the next instruction and run out as fast as you can, you need to be out in 5 seconds or less (with the ice cream)! But waittttt, it's not that easy! On your way out, there will be obstacles, I don't what it's called but sort of like what you see in Wipe Out (the game show) haha but not that extreme. There will be flour, slimy jelly and ice thrown at you. Haaaaa takut x? Oh and you must hold on to your ice cream because if you drop it and you got out for 5 seconds or less, you fail my darling!

But what's the catch?

If you accept the challenge, you'll be rewarded a Sunway Lagoon entrance ticket (All Park) Woohooo! And if you manage to get out from the tent under 5 seconds or less, you will get an extra RM50 cash! ^_^

Looking all calm and cool......

Honestly I was so nervous. I really want to skip this challenge so badly but then there's my inner voice saying, "You can do it Bna, challenge youself. This is easy. Run in, get the ice cream and run out like hell!"

Ahhhh.. so the adventure begins.

Peace baby. *nervous wreck*

hahaha I can't stop laughing looking at this photo. The goggle is pressing my chubby cheek! :P

The mattress is freaking hot! I was trying my best to run as fast as I could but nope, my feet was burning!

Of course there's no inside footage, but let me tell you... this is how I looked like when I stepped out of the tent.

Covered in soap water, flour, jelly and I don't what else. My helmet almost fell out because it was hit by those obstacles punching thingy. Ohhh thank god no bruises! :P   Hahaha well I didn't get the RM50 cash, I don't even know how long I was in there. hahahah :P

Wheee but I got my ice cream with me! :P

Thanks Nuffnang for inviting me to be a part of this challenge and also to Nestle Drumstick for making me believe that I can be adventurous too. hihihi :D 

Some of my friends actions before and after challenge. :D

Yuyu Zulaikha, Sabrina Tajudin, Anis Athia

Wiida Ribbon, Cik Lily Putih, Penaberkala

Hanis Nasuha, Mira CikCit

And not forgetting the ice creammmmm! ^_^


Thanks for the photo Jess Ying! :)

Group photo with the girls!

Jom makan Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream! Nom nom nom

Please don't eat meeeeeeeee

Hey hey hey, you guys can win awesome prizes too! Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge is happening from 30th September till 10th November 2013! ^_^


For more info about Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge :

Nestle Drumstick Facebook Page :

Till then,

Sabby Prue

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.



  1. Assalamualaikum kak sabby! wahh bestnya.. enjoy the most adventurous week! heeeeeeeee. rindu nak lepak dengan koranggg :)

  2. wahh!! bestnya Kak Sabby!!
    adventure sangat!! dapat Ice cream tu lg best!!

  3. Lencun tetapi puas hatikan.

  4. event ni torbaik...
    masuk kering, keluar basah kuyup. haha

  5. korang buat apa dalam khemah tu..keluar basah kuyup hahah best game ever

  6. best gile! now xsabar nk g sunway! weeeeee

    1. hahahahah tu i x naik kotttt semua2 tu. :P



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