Naturopath Consultation experience at Blackmores

I am always wondering what is the state of my health. I mean, I am not in pain or sick but I just wonder is my body doing okay? Is there any symptoms that could lead to a sickness that I am not aware about? I am curious to find out about Blackmores' Naturopathy approach which personally I know nothing off. You must be wondering what does this term means but before we go deeper into what is all about, I want to share an exciting news! 

What : Experiential Blogger Session
Where : Blackmores Concept Store, Mid Valley Megamall
When : 2nd October 2013

The first ever Blackmores Concept  Store is now open in Lower Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall!  It is so convenient as now you can buy your supplements directly in this store. As you know, Blackmores is known for its holistic approach for better health and lifestyle for consumer through their natural-based nutritional supplements. ^_^

The best thing about the Blackmores Concept Store is :

You can have your health checked through Naturopathic Consultation!

"Naturopathy is a philosophy of life and approach to living a lifestyle as close to nature as possible. It is a system that focuses on building health and promoting the body's natural self-healing process through holistic education"

Is it too complicated?

Ok let me make it easier by listing down the Naturopathy Principles :
~ Nature has innate power to heal
~ Identify and treat the cause (physical or emotional)
~ Naturopath will not recommend treatment that will cause other conditions
~ Treatment plan includes all aspect of the person
~ Empower the individual to take responsibilty for own health by teaching self care
~ Naturopath will take preventive measures to prevent onset by removing toxic substances and situations from individual's lifestyle

There you go, this is way easier to understand, right? :)

I got the opportunity to be one-on-one with a Naturopath in this blogger session. Don't worry, Blackmores Naturopaths are all certified and qualified in their field. Ms. Alyssa Ng is the one who attended to me during my experiential journey with Blackmores. Want to know how the Naturopath Consultation works? Read on lovelies! :)

Since I was using my coloured contact lenses, I was not able to do the Iridology or iris analysis. But fret not, I set up a second appointment with Alyssa on October 11th.  :) Before we proceed to my Iridology result, let me show you the Q & A session that I had with her during the bloggers event.

1st Step : Questionnaire 

Alyssa asked me about my diet routinelifestyle, any issues that is of concern to me and my medical history. I basically told her that :

I have been changing up my diet routine since May 2013. Less fast food, more veggies,smoothies making.My breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, cereal with low fat milk, muesli with yoghurt or bread. God knows how long I have not eaten nasi lemak!  But of course I do I eat what I want, 'my guilty pleasure food' once in every 2 to 3 weeks.  But the problem is that, when I'm super busy I will tend to skip my meals or eat very little for the whole day.

I signed up for a gym membership in May 2013 because I want to have an active lifestyle and make sure that my stamina is in checked at all time. I've been going to the gym around 12-16 times a month. I wish I'm 'rajin' enough to go Monday to Friday religiously but you know, there are days that I am so lazy. :D Anyway I told her I started to have knee pain (my left knee) since August. My gym coach did say that it might because of the excessive workout I did (but I don't think it's that excessive). But it's not that I can't walk or anything, I just feel the pain whenever I want to go down or up the stairs.

We also touched about women menstrual cycle. As women, it is important for us to take care and monitor our monthly menstrual to avoid hormones imbalance. I don't think I need to elaborate more on this, you ladies know what I mean.  :D

We did talk about my stress level. I really don't know how to answer this. I do suffer from stress at certain times, but it usually happens when I have a problem or I have tonnes of work to be settled! But I would say that my stress level is pretty normal.

Energy level is next. Hmm I do get tired occasionally if I didn't get enough sleep. I guess everyone faces the same thing right?

2nd Step : Iridology (Iris Analysis)

Ok so I went for my second appointment on 11th October with Alyssa. I wanted the second appointment because I want to know about my health condition. But I'm not gonna lie, I was worried that I might discover something that would freak me out. :(

Let me tell you what Iridology is. It is an iris analysis that  reveal the strength and weaknesses of a person's health. The coloured portion of the eye will reveal whether there's any health issues present, if more than one organ is involved or other elements exist including from an emotional and mental aspect. The interesting part is that Iridology can also outline a person's personality.

Each of lines or holes that you could find in your iris determines the problems or issues that you might have.

My right eye

My left eye

The upward lines indicates my nervous system. Alyssa asked whether I do get anxious frequently because of my stress line is showing. Well I do I get anxious especially when I have to do something that I am not familiar with. And lately I have been skipping meals because of my busy lifestyle. Skipping meals resulted in  not enough nutrition that leads to stress and tired body, which in the end left me with migraine or headache. More over the fact that I only sleep about 5-6 hours daily indicates not having enough rest. All this answers then lead to  questions about constipation. We talked about hormones and again about the menstrual cycle which I believe is an important area for women. She also touched about my personality, asking if I'm an open and emotional person which yes I am, to both of the characteristics.

3rd Step : Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendation

Alyssa suggested me several things that I can do to have a better lifestyle such as:

~ Eat at the right time, never skip any meals to avoid nutrients deficiency.
~ Have lemon juice or apple cider drinks before or after meal if I'm feeling bloated due to skipping meals.
~ Do not do 2 things at one time (the best example she gave me was eating and scrolling my work on PC at the same time. -_-. I do that, A LOT!) 
~ Have a good night sleep
~ Keep on working out even though I am suffering from knee pain because we need to be active.

4th Step : Supplements Recommendations

Through our Q & A, she concluded that she will give me 2 supplements that could help me. 

The first one is the Joint Formula, consists if Glucosamine and Chondroitin that will help ease my knee pain. The second supplement is every women best friend, the Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). EPO is a supplement that is beneficial for women's health and well being because of the Omega 6 fatty acids.

A special thanks to Alyssa for answering all my questions and explaining to me how crucial it is to take care of my health. It's not just about supplements, the main thing is we really need to take care of ourselves through our proper diet routine and active lifestyle. I really had an informative experience discussing about health with her. Thanks again! :)

Some snapshots during the event

My head and shoulder massage. It felt so good! Arigato! :)

Caricature time!

Look at me. hihi :D

Drawing of all the other bloggers! Prettttyyyy!

I would like to thank everyone in Blackmores for the amazing and warmth treatment, I felt like I'm at home! :) Thank you for having me as one of the bloggers in the event. I had a wonderful time and thank you for giving us the information and opening up our eyes about the importance to be aware of health conditions. ^_^

Visit their websites for more info :

Official Website : Blackmores Malaysia
Facebook Page : Blackmores Malaysia

Till then, 

Sabby Prue



  1. It was a great experience that came along with pampering session! <3

    1. yup2, it was a great experience! and the iridology session is awesome!

  2. i love how they ask you all the questions regarding all aspect in our daily routine, stress, mata pandangan semua. very helpful so we know what health state yg kita xnmpak, so kita leh ubah lifestyle kita kepada yg lebih healthy!

    1. yup true babe, sometimes kita pun live in denial sbb kita tak sure kita ada penyakit or not. The naturopath consultant ada mention yg kita ni kadang2 rather tak nak tau yang diri sendiri ni ada penyakit sbb takut, which is true!



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