Anti-Aging Affairs with NUXE

A few weeks back, I was invited to NUXE Anti-Aging event in SaSa, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Have you heard about NUXE before? I've come to know about NUXE when I received my Bag Of Love April Edition. One of the items in the bag was sample size of NUXE Brightening BB Cream. And I am excited to know more about the brand because I heard so much about it! NUXE is originated from France and their philosophy "Beauty by Nature" reflects to what NUXE is all about.

NUXE products are :

~ Natural ingredients
~ Without mineral oils and animal origins ingredients
~ Non-comodogenic
~ Without Paraben

Furthermore, every products are tested by an independent Laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research for optimum safety and effectiveness. NUXE also supports environmental protection through the usage of recyclable materials. Green company is always a plus point in choosing beauty items for ourselves, don't you agree? :)

The guest speaker for the day is Mr. Ryan Lau, NUXE Regional Education Manager who was flown to Malaysia all the way from Hong Kong!

There were 3 topics that we discussed that day ; tips to choose the right product, the importance of a skincare regime and also an introduction of NUXE Anti-Aging Range. 

To choose the right products we need to analyze our skin conditions in order to know in which type our skin falls into and then we will know what we need in our skin regime.

Skincare regime is the one thing that anyone should not take for granted. Following the right routine will benefit you in a long run, trust me I know! :) 

As for me, my skincare routine includes :

Remove (makeup)
Cleanse (to remove excess makeup)
Tone (act as double cleansing)
Prepare (pre-serum/serum)
Moisturize (for hydration)
Protect (Sunblock)

We were taught the right way on how to apply the creams and serum into our skin to optimize result. Mr. Ryan is indeed a funny guy. His presentation style is awesome, I had fun learning with him! ^_^

Mr. Ryan demonstrating the Huile Prodigieuse OR (Shimmer Dry Oil) on a blogger.

We were then introduced to the Anti-Aging Skincare Range by Mr. Ryan. We were given the opportunity to try out the products, to experience the texture, the scents and the reaction or result after one application. I assure you that every products smells good and you know these products consists of natural ingredients and they do not have that 'chemically fragrance'  scent. Yeay! :)


The first Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid that repairs and recharge skin with radiance for all women and all ages. This product is used before applying serum on your skin hence you can call this product as a pre-serum. It has this very floral scent that where the product is infused with subtle Linseed flower, Lily of the Valley, Heliotrope, Mandarin and Nectarine Notes. The purpose of this pre-serum is to give the skin better absorption of serum and moisturizer that will be applied later on.

NIRVANESQUE  (First Expression Lines, retails at RM140 -RM160)

"Anti-aging skincare that is formulated with the use of active natural properties of flowers to hinder the transmission of neurotransmitters responsible for skin stress sensation, tensions and first expression lines."

MERVEILLANCE (Visible Expression Lines, retails at RM168 - RM198)

"Anti-aging product that provide precise corrective actions on visible expression lines at all levels of the skin with active rare plant ingredients"

NUXURIANCE  (Loss of Density and Loss of Radiance, retails at RM188-RM240)

"Anti-aging skincare that treat the signs of aging on mature skin such as loss of density, pigmentation, wrinkles and loss of radiance."

All NUXE product is available in SaSa. Make sure to check out their aisle! :)


Thank you Mr. Ryan! :)

I was speechless when I got these awesome goodies! SUPER LOVE! ^_^

 I will review the products in detail  once I have used them for a certain period of time! :)Thanks again for the invitation, it was a very informative and fun get together! :)

For more info on NUXE, visit :

Facebook Page : NUXE Malaysia
Official Website : NUXE Paris



  1. From now on, i wont skip my skin care regime. Pinky promise. Nak forever young mcm kak sabby jugak... Heehe :D

    1. Haha betul tu.. Akak dari zaman belajar uni mmg follow 3 steps of skincare, cleanse tone moisturize, penting sgt. Skrg baru additional serum and sunblock. Semua ni benefit in long run. :)

  2. Kak Sabby you're so lucky for being able to attend!

  3. macam janji je kan publish hari ni :) nampak tak telepathy kita?



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